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Frequently Asked Questions: Animal Control
Q:  Is there a leash law for DOGS?
A:  There is a control law for dogs, meaning the animal must be under physical restraint when outside.  (See DeBary Code Section 10-43).

Q:  What is the number I call about a HORSE OR COW running loose?
A:  Call the Volusia County Sheriff’s Dispatch Services at (386) 736-5999.

Q:  Where do I call to report a LOST OR FOUND ANIMAL?
A:  You may contact DeBary animal control at (386) 775-9999.  You may also check with area shelters:

Halifax Humane Society                  Southeast Volusia Humane Society                West Volusia Humane Society
2364 W. LPGA Blvd.                           1200 S. Glencoe Rd.                                            800 Humane Society Rd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32120                New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170                           Deland, FL 32720
Phone: (386) 274-4703                     (386) 428-9860                                                      (386) 734-2450  

While DeBary is in Volusia County, given the close proximity, you may wish to also contact:

232 Bush Blvd.
Sanford, FL at the Seminole County Five Points Operations Center
(407) 665-5201 or dispatch (407) 665-5110

Q:  Where do I call to remove nuisance RACCOONS or opossums?
A:  Removal or relocation of nuisance wildlife such as snakes, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, alligators when located on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.  Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 1 (888) 404-3922 or visit the website: for wildlife assistance or a list of private trappers.  The list of trappers is provided as a courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a public service.  The commission does not regulate or endorse the trappers.    

Q:  What are names of local animal TRAPPERS?
A:  Local TRAPPER information as listed on the FWC web site :  Trappers are listed as a public service and are not regulated or endorsed by the City of DeBary or FWC.

Q: Where do I call regarding attacks, problems or injured WILDLIFE?
  • Attacks, contact dispatch at (386) 736-5999 (the appropriate agencies will be notified).
  • Wildlife law violation, contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at (888) 404-3922.
  • Nuisance alligators, contact Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at (866) 392-4286.
  • Other nuisance or injured wildlife, contact Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at (800) 955-8771.      

City of DeBary, FL
16 Colomba Rd, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: (386) 668-2040  Fax: (386) 668-4122