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DeBary Volunteer Firemenís Association
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Steve Henning
Vice President
Yvonne Staab
Don Neyer
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Board of Directors
Photo Gallery
History of DeBary Fire Association
1964 - Members ifo original fire house

Engine 33 - current

Checking the truck's supplies

The DVFA Support vehicle

Volunteer Opportunities

Association Member

‘Social’ members who act to raise money to buy equipment for the Fire Department and otherwise support and enhance fire and rescue services to the citizens of DeBary.  Our members devote their talents and time to support the fire department by fundraising and providing community presentations.

Support member

Support members serve to assist Firefighters and other EMS/Rescue personnel on incident scenes outside the hazard area.  Roles include:  Cleaning/care for tools and equipment; completing and maintaining official records and reports, and assist with both emergency and non-emergency preparedness functions, including community fire prevention and fire safety education programs.

Volunteer Firefighter

Upon approval of the Chief, Firefighter volunteers who meet state training standards are able to respond to all types of emergencies and actively participate in on-scene operations.  Firefighters may provide emergency medical care and assistance, or perform rescue functions such as extrication of victims from vehicle crashes.  Firefighter volunteers will receive additional training and are issued personal protective clothing for the performance of their duties

A recent photo of DVFA members

We Need YOU!!

We would like to hear from you if you can volunteer a small amount of your time, or even if you have some questions first.

You can call our office at:

eMail us at:

 Visit us on FaceBook at
“DeBary Volunteer Firemen’s Association”

 You can also stop by any of our meetings or drills on Wednesday evenings.

dial 911 in an Emergency

DeBary Volunteer Firemen’s Association
PO Box 530853
10 Columba Road
DeBary, FL 32753-0853

A Look Back

Over 1500 men and women have given of their time to the citizens and visitors of DeBary, since the group was formed.

In October of 1952, a group of residents got together to discuss the lack of fire protection; two weeks later, they met again and decided to start a volunteer fire company.  After much work on June 23, 1953, the legal papers were received back, and the DeBary Volunteer Firemen’s Association was born.  Ed Healy was named the first Fire Chief.  The first call did not come in until October for a brush fire.

The department obtained its first fire engine in May of 1954; a 1943 Chevrolet combination pumper tanker from the city of Leesburg.  The engine may have been an Army Air Force surplus truck, since Leesburg was an Army Air Corps base during the war.

1964 - Members ifo original fire house 

After property was purchased, and the city’s first firehouse was finished and dedicated on February 13, 1955.  This building still stands at 10 Columba Rd. and now serves as our Association Hall

March, 1962: The Firemen’s Recreation Hall was dedicated.  It is now known as Florence K Little Hall.

DVFA Shoulder Patch

DeBary Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Firefighter Rehab

In 1974, a new metallic fire house was built on the corner beside the original fire house, big enough to house multiple vehicles as well as offices and crew quarters.

In October, 1981, we had our first paid firefighters.

In December, 1983, DeBary gets 911 service.

In 1984, the department comes under county control, and DeBary is protected by Volusia County Fire Services.  The fire house is redesignated as Station 33.

Then, in 2009, the city contracted fire/rescue services to the Orange City Fire Department who now staffs our station and responds to all calls for assistance.

In 2015 the city bought our newest “Engine 33” from Pierce Mfg.  It has a 1250 GPM pump and carries 750 gallons of water.

In 2016, the city decided it was time for a new firehouse, and in July,-2017, the third fire house in DeBary history was completed and occupied. (below)

DeBary's newest firehouse - Station 33 

Did You Know:

Association members currently give about 2000 volunteer hours per year to the city and residents of DeBary!

City of DeBary, FL
16 Colomba Rd, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: (386) 668-2040  Fax: (386) 668-4122