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Frequently Asked Questions: Fire Department
Why does a fire truck respond when I call for a medical emergency?
Firefighters are certified emergency medical technicians or paramedics also. The DeBary has a centrally located station. Therefore, this allows firefighters to get on the scene quickly and start medical care, often times before the ambulance crews.

Why do firefighters break out windows and cut holes in my roof during a fire?
Firefighters need to ventilate smoke and dangerous super heated gases for victim safety and rescuer visibility. This allows firefighters to get inside the building to find and extinguish the fire, thereby reducing property damage.

Why do fire trucks block so many lanes on a motor vehicle accident?
Firefighters block traffic lanes to protect the patients and fire department personnel. Firefighters need room to work in a safe area in order to effectively treat injured patients.

Why can’t I drive over fire hoses if I need to get somewhere?
Running over a fire hose can damage the hose, the fire truck, interrupt water supply, or injure firefighters. The fire hose and the water it supplies are the lifeline for any firefighter on the other end of it. Losing water can cause serious injury or death.

How do I get a smoke detector from the fire department?
Smoke detectors are available for those households within the city limits with a limited income. To request a smoke detector call (386) 775-5460.

Can I burn leaves and brush on my property?
Open burning must follow the Florida Fire Service and DeBary guidelines.

Why do firefighters shop at the local grocery stores?
Firefighters work 24 hour shifts and must supply their own food. Typically the shift personnel combine money to purchase and cook meals.

Why does my water look muddy when firefighters turn fire hydrants on?
The fire department turns on the fire hydrants to ensure they are operating properly and to check the amount of water available in that area. The hydrants are turned on slowly in an attempt to not stir up the sediment that is in the pipes, but at times that does happen and the water coming out of the faucet can be brown in color. Hydrants are typically left running slowly to help clean the system; however, running the faucet can assist in clearing the home faster.

Where can I pick up a fire report if I need a copy?
Copies of fire reports can be obtained at the Fire Department Administrative Offices located at 215 North Holly Avenue in Orange City.

What do firefighters do when not responding to calls?
Firefighters have numerous duties and responsibilities including:
  • Station and truck cleaning
  • Truck and equipment maintenance/testing
  • Drills and training classes
  • Pre-planning for local businesses
  • Public education classes
How can I set up a public education event?
        Contact the Fire Department Administration Office at (386) 775-5460

What should I do if a fire hydrant is leaking or has been damaged?
Contact the Volusia County Water Resource and Utilities Department at (386) 822-6465 or at the afterhours emergency number (800) 255-2069.

Does the Fire Department do car seat inspections and installations?
Yes, the Fire Department has certified car seat technicians available. Please contact the Fire Department Administrative Office for an appointment (386) 775-5460.

Can I get a blood Pressure check at the local fire station?
If the firefighters are at the station, they can give blood pressure checks. If you are experiencing a medical problem, we recommend calling 911.


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