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Frequently Asked Questions (BTR)
Business Tax Receipts
Thinking about starting a business in the City of DeBary?
What you need to know…


  • All businesses and home occupations in the City of DeBary require a Business Tax Receipt.
  • BTRs must be renewed annually prior to October 1st of each year.
  • Both a City and a Volusia County Business Tax Receipt are required.
  • Proposed Business types must comply with the City’s zoning regulations. Please call 386-601-0238 to verify zoning.
  • All proposed signs require a separate building permit. Signs shall comply with Article II Chapter 5 Sign Regulations of the City of DeBary Land Development Code.
  • Fire and building inspections are required for approval of a BTR with the exception of home occupations. A fire inspection fee based on building square footage is charged annually in conjunction with your business tax receipt renewal.
  • Independent Operators are required to submit a separate BTR application.
Who Needs a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)?
Anyone operating a business within the City of DeBary is required to have a Business Tax Receipt (formerly occupational license) in addition to any County or State licenses. Fees are determined by the type of business or profession, and must be renewed annually, prior to October 1st. Any new business tax receipt issued after April 1st will be issued at one-half of the regular annual fee amount. Business tax receipts not renewed by October 1, of each year become delinquent and are subject to a late penalty.

The City’s Zoning regulations specify what types and where businesses are permitted.

Any person who utilizes a residence to conduct a home business, profession or occupation must also obtain a business tax receipt.  
Do I still need A Volusia County BTR?
Yes. A City of DeBary Business Tax Receipt is required before Volusia County will issue their Business Tax Receipt. You may renew your Volusia County BTR.  Click HERE.

How to Obtain a Business Tax Receipt
Contact the City of DeBary Planning Department t at 386-601-0238 or or general requirements and to obtain an application form. You may also download the application form and fee schedule from the City’s Website.  Payments are received by the Finance Department.  At this time, the City accepts CHECK or CASH payments ONLY.

Application Requirements Include:
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FIN)
  • Proof of current Fictitious Name Registration
  • Professions regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation must have an active State License
  • A copy of your lease or owner authorization, if renting.
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation, if applicable
Building Permits
Almost all types of construction to either your home or business require building permits. For example, fences, windows, doors, driveways, wells (electrical) and new air conditioners or air conditioner change outs require permits.  You may contact the City of DeBary Building Department at 386-668-2040 x 320 prior to the start of any work to find out what is needed to obtain proper permits.

Business Signs

You are also required to obtain a sign permit from the City’s Building Department for any sign installed on your property including “face” or copy changes. A separate application and fee are required for a sign permit. Signs such as “snipe” signs, banners and A-frame signs are prohibited signs in the City of DeBary. Banner signs are permitted (with a permit) on a temporary basis for promotional or special events such as grand openings. No on-premises signs identifying a home occupation are permitted in conjunction with a Class A home occupation.  

City of DeBary, FL
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