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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Award of Bid No. 04-18 - Fort Florida Road Overlay Project
From: Ron McLemore, Interim City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  February 7, 2018

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City Manager is requesting City Council to award Bid No. 04-18, the Fort Florida Road Overlay Project to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, P & S Paving, Inc. of Daytona Beach, Florida.  


Fort Florida Road has seen a significant increase in traffic volume over the past two years.  Emergency measures have been required to maintain the pavement. Approximately 1.2 miles of the roadway require an asphalt pavement overlay to improve the safety standards for motorists and extend the life of the road in good condition for several years into the future.


In June of 2017, the City of DeBary completed an asphalt overlay of deteriorated sections of Fort Florida Road. The overlay project covered approximately 1.8 miles of Fort Florida Road and this new pavement has performed very well to date.  Pavement deterioration has continued for sections of the pavement that were not prioritized for overlay last year.  Bid No. 04-18 will complete the pavement overlay that is required for Fort Florida Road using the same type of FDOT pavement material that was placed in June 2017.

On December 29, 2017, the City of DeBary posted Bid Documents on the Vendorlink web portal requesting proposals from paving contractors from the Florida counties; Volusia, Seminole, Lake, Orange and Brevard. Potential bidders were notified that a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference would be held at 10 AM January 12, 2018 at DeBary City Hall.   Eight (8) paving entities were represented at the mandatory pre-bid meeting.

On January 30, 2018 at 10 AM, the City of DeBary received seven (7) sealed bids for Bid No. 04-18 at City Hall. All bids were unsealed and read aloud at the public bid opening with representatives of bidders and other witnesses present. The results of the bid are;

Contractor                                              Bid Amount
  • P & S Paving, Inc.                                      $153,805.94
  • Halifax Paving, Inc.                            $171,268.95
  • Ranger Construction Industries          $174,611.72
  • CFE CORP                                                $179,772.90
  • Allstate Paving                                 $189,689.50
  • Masci Construction                              $197,502.99
  • BlackTip Services                               $232,391.92
All bids received were checked for mathematic accuracy and responsiveness to the Instructions to Bidders.   Bidders were clearly notified in several sections of the bid documents that the lowest responsive and responsible bidder was to be determined on the Base Bid only.

P & S Paving, Inc. also provided bids for two Additive Alternate projects for consideration by City Council.   It is at the City Council’s discretion to award any of the two Additive Alternative projects or not award the Additive Alternate projects at all.  

The two Addititve Alternative Projects are as follows;
  • Overlay (1030 LF) Fort Florida Point Road - $10,302.28.  One third of $10,302.28 is the net cost to the City, $3,435.09. This amount is the City’s part of a proposed settlement agreement with residents of Fort Florida Point Road and McMahon Construction provided that the parties approve the settlement.
  • Mill and Resurface (4176 LF) West Highbanks Road – $99,623.29 - This project can wait an additional year.
City funding for the three options is as follows;

Fort Florida Road Overlay
Fort Florida Point Road -  Add Alternate 1

West Highbanks Road – Add Alternate 2




Funds are available in the Road Resurfacing Budget of the General Fund for Option 1 and Option 2. Option 3 would require a budget amendment of $68.000.00 if chosen.


In consideration of the facts that resurfacing West Highbanks Road can wait another year, and that inclusion of the West Highbanks Road project would cause a $62,550.75 overrun of the Roadway Resurfacing Budget, Staff is recommending:

(1) The deletion of West Highbanks Road project.

(2) Approval of  OPTION 2 of the Fort Florida Road Overlay Project, Bid No. 04-18 to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, P & S Paving, Inc. for the lowest Base Bid amount of, One Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Five Dollars and Ninety Four Cents ($153,805.94), plus a 10% contingency for a total of $169,186.54.

(3) Provided that the parties agree to the proposed settlement agreement for Fort Florida Point Road, add to the project, Change Order No. 1 in the amount of $10,302.28 and include with the budget a 10% contingency. According to the proposed settlement agreement, the City’s portion of Change Order No. 1 would be $3,435.09.


The Instructions to Bidders and the Contract Documents provide written notification to Bidders that time was of the essence for all Work included under the Base Bid of the project. The urgent nature of the project was also emphasized at the mandatory pre-bid meeting. The start of construction is expected in early March 2018.

City Council Action:
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