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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Ord 02-18 Density
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date: February 7, 2018

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To amend Sec 1-3 of the Land Development Code to include a definition of density applicable to the Southeast Mixed Use (SEMU) and Southwest Mixed Use (SWMU) Future Land Use designations. This is essentially the City’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area.

To amend Sec 1-3 of the Land Development Code of the currently adopted definition of density (applicable to the rest of the City) for clarification purposes.

To encourage adequate development densities proximate to the SunRail station in order to establish the critical mass needed to increase ridership, support the desired retail and commercial services, and to achieve a more sustainable development pattern.

To provide increased density credits in exchange for high-quality development and necessary amenities and infrastructure to achieve the City’s vision for the TOD area.

The City of DeBary currently establishes the definition of density in the Land Development Code. This definition requires that development projects exclude certain portions of their property from being calculated as developable land. This includes any tracts of land such as dedicated rights-of-way, transmission and power line easements, lakes and areas defined as wetlands, and flood prone and preservation areas. Requiring a developer to exclude dedicated rights-of-way from their developable land creates a disincentive for providing an adequate, interconnected transportation network that would provide accessibility for businesses as well as bicycle and pedestrian connections to critical areas.

Wetlands and flood prone and preservation areas are also currently required to be excluded from the calculation of developable land. This may result in a developer destroying and filling in wetlands and flood prone areas if there is no incentive to preserve them. Removing and filling in wetlands can be accomplished by paying into a mitigation bank in a different location that is approved by the state, as well as by designing more efficient storm water ponds, which may be calculated towards developable land. Alternatively, natural features of a development site may be amenitized if they are made accessible with walking trails and boardwalks fronting these areas. In order to provide incentives for preservation and amenitization of these natural features, portions of them should be counted toward development densities. The proposed ordinance would allow for up to 75% of wetlands, lakes, flood-prone and preservation areas to be calculated toward developable land when the City determines that such areas are to be preserved and appropriately amenitized by making these natural features accessible for passive recreational use.

The intent of the TOD area is to create an urban village center with an interconnected transportation network that provides safe and efficient accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclist, automobiles, and buses centered on the SunRail station, as established in the TOD Master Plan. Additionally, to support the desired retail for this area and to build in transit ridership adjacent to the transit station, it is important to establish a critical mass. This will incentivize an interconnected transportation network as well as the preservation and amenitization of natural features desirable for a sustainable development pattern.

Findings of Fact:
The proposed amendment is consistent with Comprehensive Plan Policy 5.502(b) stating that the Land Development Code will contain provisions addressing density or intensity of development.

Recommended Motion:
Approve the first reading of Ordinance 02-18.

City Council Action:
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