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Small Scale Stormwater Projects
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Last Updated: 2018/1/10
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:  Small Scale Stormwater Projects
From:   City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  January 17, 2018

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City Manager requesting the Mayor and City Council to consider supporting previous policy direction regarding the small stormwater project program.
This request is needed at this time to respond to a request of Councilmember Bacon regarding the small projects program.


The City’s Comprehensive Plan approved the State requires the City to have a plan for providing stormwater management to protect the public from flooding and promote water quality.  The Comprehensive Plan does not specify projects, a mandatory timeframe, or mandatory levels of service.  Development codes and the 56 minor projects program adopted by the City satisfies that Comprehensive Plan policy directive.

The issue of the projects on the minor projects list has been discussed by the staff and Council ad nauseam.  As stated, the minor projects program is a City Council policy decision adopted to implement the Comprehensive Plan.  As such, the Council can implement the program as it deems appropriate.  It cannot, however, terminate the program without changing the Comprehensive Plan.  Additionally, as presented in a previous memorandum from the City auditor, these projects are not contingent liabilities.  The large projects have been completed.  The remaining projects include 30 small improvement projects and 6 maintenance projects.

Additionally, the Council has, by consensus, decided that in the alternative to spending funds on projects for which there is no economically feasible final design solutions, to offer to purchase the properties, or if the property owners refuse, to do nothing further in order to keep from wasting funds.
There are 36 projects remaining after the FY 18 projects at an estimated cost of $4 Million, or about $110,000 each. This would allow the City to undertake 3-5 projects per year based upon the cost of the projects, and take 10-12 years to complete.
Out of fairness to the citizens who have been waiting for their projects, to continue the small projects program.

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