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ProChamps Contract
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Last Updated: 2017/12/27
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: ProChamps Amendment to Agreement
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date: January 3, 2018

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To extend an existing contract with ProChamps another year in which registration for abandoned and foreclosed properties are required.

This agreement is related to City Ordinance 03-12, which was passed in order to efficiently address the issues related to the maintenance of foreclosed residential and commercial properties. When properties are abandoned and/or foreclosed, the maintenance of the subject properties can become an issue, often resulting in code enforcement action by the City. Therefore, the City passed an ordinance requirement for all abandoned and foreclosed properties to be registered. The next step was finding a company to administer the registration process. The City of DeBary entered into an agreement with ProChamps on January 7, 2013. The agreement is now required to be renewed.

The agreement with ProChamps improves the City's code enforcement process by establishing a clearinghouse of abandoned and foreclosed properties and the entities responsible for them (i.e. Banks). Additionally, this reduces the financial burden to the City by establishing a registration fee, as well as identifying the entities responsible for property maintenance. This allows for the City to identify and directly contact the responsible entity to resolve the code violation, often avoiding the requirement for the City to place liens on the properties when the City has to mitigate code violations itself.

In FY 2017, the City generated $7,200 for it's portion of registration fees.

Recommended Motion  
Approve the attached Amendment to the Agreement with ProChamps.

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