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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Umpire Services Agreement
From: John Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Department
Meeting/Hearing Date:  1/3/18

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Staff is requesting City Council approve West Volusia Athletic Club as the selected vendor for the Umpire Services Agreement for the City of DeBary Kickball Leagues.


This request is needed at this time to provide the umpires necessary to run our City of DeBary Kickball Leagues.


The West Volusia Athletic Club has been the selected vendor to provide the umpire services for the Kickball Leagues. Due to the growth of the City of DeBary Leagues the total cost of umpire services exceeded the threshold used to secure the previous agreement for this service.This forced staff to go out for proposals based on the current service level with the agreement approved at the 12/13/17 Council Meeting. We presented a fixed fee schedule as well as our scope of services to all of the Central Florida Umpire Associations equipped to provide these services to the City. Six different associations responded to the request for proposals with three responding they could not provide the requested services to our city. A fourth said they could provide the services but wanted to raise the fixed fee schedule costing the City more money. The fifth and six responders said they could provide the services as presented, A1 Officials and West Volusia Athletic Club. Staff selected West Volusia Athletic Club as A1 Officials has no prior Recreation Department or City of DeBary experience of which the West Volusia Athletic Club has had successful previous seasons with the City. The other concern is that A1 Officials provides umpires for high school and college games on a regular basis and if push comes to shove they would provide umpire services to those two levels prior to scheduling for our City Leagues. The costs for this service have been factored into our current FY budget.


Approve the Agreement with West Volusia Athletic Club to provide Umpire Services for the City of DeBary Kickball Leagues. The agreement will be retroactive to January 1, 2018 and end on September 30, 2018 with the option of two one year renewals upon mutual consent.


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