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Non Ad Valorem Fire Services Study Agreement
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:  Non Ad Valorem Fire Services Study Agreement
From: Ron McLemore, Interim City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  December 18, 2017

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City Manager is requesting the City Council to authorize the City Attorney and City Manager to finalize an agreement with Stantec to perform a non ad valorem fire fee study related to the possible implementation of a fire non ad valorem assessment to pay for some or all of the cost in the provision of fire protection services in the City, and to authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement upon the approval of the City Attorney.


This request is needed at this time to prepare the necessary studies and legal documents needed to be implementable in fiscal period FY 18.


During the FY 17 budget adoption process certain members of the City Council expressed the desire to explore the strategy of enacting a non ad valorem assessment for fire services as opposed to possible increases in property taxes to fund the City’s anticipated shortfall resulting from increased fire services contract cost, bond payments for the new fire station, general fund cash flow issues causing an unsustainable reliance on reserves, and the probable loss of funds resulting from the increase in the homestead exemption from $50,000.00 to $$75,000.00.
As shown in Exhibit A and below, the City received proposals from three consultants with substantial experience in fire assessment as follows:

Phase I
Phase II – Year 1



$  40,000.00

$  29,000.00

$  69,000.00


$  25,000.00

$  44,500.00

$  69,500.00


$  55,729.00

$  16,961.00

$  72,690.00

The proposals were evaluated by the City Attorneys due to the large legal component involved in assessments, the City Manager and the City Finance Director.  After lengthy evaluation, it was decided that the Mark Lawson, PA, proposal was the overall best for the City, followed by Stantec, and lastly, GSG.

Unfortunately, staff was not able to come to a satisfactory agreement with Lawson.


Costs are provided above and in Exhibit A.  The fee would initially be funded from the General Fund.  The General Fund can be reimbursed by the fire assessment fund if the Council decides to approve it.


It is recommended that the City Council authorize the City Attorney and City Manager to finalize an agreement with Stantec to perform fire assessment study and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement upon approval of the City Attorney in an amount not to exceed $55,729.00 for Phase I of that study and $16,961.00 for Phase II of the study.


A.)  Proposal Fee Analysis
  • B.)  Proposed Agreement

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