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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Construction Services - Fire Station Demolition - KHARE Construction Services, LLC.
From:  Ron McLemore
Meeting/Hearing Date: November 15, 2017  

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City Manager requesting approval of Task Order 1117-1 for KHARE Construction Services, LLC, for the development and administration of contract documents and  construction inspection services related to the demolition of the DeBary Fire Station.


As directed by City Council, KHARE Construction Services, LLC was directed by the City Manager to develop the contract scope for procurement of the demolition services to remove the old fire station.

The initial task of administering the fire station demolition consisted of crafting contract language to describe the limits of the work required by the City.  KHARE made field observations of the fire station structure and review of the previous documentation related to the fire station. KHARE developed a site plan drawing to identify the limits of the work and specific details.  An unanticipated updated asbestos survey was required and KHARE coordinated with the asbestos consultant to update the previous survey to be included with the new bid documents.

The project was advertised for bids in August 2017, however the bid date was postponed due the effects of Hurricane Irma requiring the bid process to be re-scheduled and re-advertisement to clarify revised date of the pre-bid meeting and bid date.   Postponement of the bidding required modifications of contract documents by Addendum. The pre-bid meeting resulted in a number of questions submitted by potential bidders that had to be addressed by KHARE.

KHARE coordinated with the legal staff to determine if the City can require attendance of all potential bidders at the pre-bid meeting in order to be qualified to submit a bid.  Attendance of an entity at the pre-bid meeting ensures that the City is able to contact and transmit contract documents to all bidders prior to the bid.

The pre-bid meeting and site inspection by bidders was conducted by KHARE on November 10, 2017. KHARE coordinated with staff and conducted the public bid opening on October 24, 2017.

All bids received were checked for accuracy and responsiveness.  KHARE reviewed the low bidder’s insurance certificate for compliance with the contract bid documents.  KHARE contacted references provided by the lowest bidder and documented the results. KHARE drafted the Agenda Item for recommendation of Contract Award to City Council and attended the City Council meeting to provide information required by City Council.

KHARE will inspect construction during the progress to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the defined scope established by the City.


The cost for these services is $11,585.00 as follows;

Bid preparation -----------------------         $7,130.00
(Scope, Design, Legal Review)

Bid Evaluation -------------------------                $2,509.00

Construction Inspection -----------             $1,946.00

The estimated cost of the total project is $36,595.00, as follows;

Demolition Contract ------------------          $23,510.00

KHARE Construction Services ---         $11,585.00                                      

Asbestos Update ------------------------                     $500.00

City Attorney (Estimate) -------------            $1,000.00

Total ------------------------------------------                $36,595.00

Funding for the demolition of the Fire Station is available from Fire Services Building and Ground Maintenance Fund.


Estimated start date is December 2017.

Estimated completion date is January 2018.


Staff recommends approval of Task Order No. 1117-1 for KHARE Construction Services for construction contract administration and inspection services for demolition of the DeBary Fire Station.

City Council Action:
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