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4th of July Event
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City of DeBary

Subject: 4th of July Fireworks Event
From: John Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director
Meeting/Hearing Date: November 15, 2017  

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Staff is requesting City Council give direction on how staff should proceed with the 2018 4th of July Fireworks Event.


This request is needed at this time to give staff time to implement the option with which the City Council will choose.


City Council has had discussion regarding options on whether the City should take full control of this special event moving forward. The last several years the City has partnered with the Community Partnership Program Inc. (CPPI) on providing this event to the community. The Council has already authorized the City Manager to firm up an agreement with CPPI to specify the responsibilities of each party if it is determined to move forward with the current arrangement. Council has three options to choose from; 1) Continue with CPPI with a signed agreement detailing responsibilities; 2) Take full control of the event and have staff manage the event; or 3) Put out an RFQ to determine if there are other community groups or organizations that want to competitively seek out partnership with the City on this event.


Provide direction to staff on which option Council wishes to proceed moving forward.

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