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Orlandia Heights
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City of DeBary

Subject:  Ordinance No. 13-17, Reaffirming Orlandia Heights Neighborhood Improvement District
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The Orlandia Heights Neighborhood Improvement District was created by referendum in February of 1999 pursuant to Florida Statute.  Only registered voters that reside within the district are permitted to vote for the reauthorization after Council approval.  The statute dictates that the district sunsets after 10 years, unless another referendum is passed. The current district will expire in 2019.  The referendum must be completed well before the expiration of the district to ensure that there is sufficient time to notice the Property Appraiser to continue the non-ad valorum assessments for the district.

Background Discussion

The Ordinance recreates the Orlandia Heights Neighborhood Improvement District and calls for a referendum to purpose the recreation of the district for the purpose of roadway improvements and maintenance.  The Ordinance also reserves budgetary approval for the Council, but passes all other powers to the district.  The Board of Directors for the District are appointed the by the Council for three year terms.  

The recreated district would be primarily for maintenance of the private roads in the district.  The current non-ad valorum assessment is $250.00 assessed on each property owner’s annual tax bill.  When collected the Property Appraiser deposits the funds with the city which in turn transfers the funds to the districts bank account.  The district will pay all expenses for the referendum, there will be no cost to the City of DeBary.  The referendum will be held within 120 days of the second reading of Ordinance No. 13-17.


Adoption of Ordinance No. 13-17 on the first reading.  

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