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Resolution No. 17-28, calling for the State Legislature to change education fundi
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Last Updated: 2017/10/18
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City of DeBary

Subject:  Resolution No. 17-28, calling for the State Legislature to change education funding
From:  City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  November 1, 2017
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Vice Mayor on behalf of Volusia County Schools requesting the City Council to approve Resolution No. 17-28.  Joining the efforts of cities, counties and school districts across the state calling for the Florida Legislature to amend state law to halt the transfer of education funding of poorer school districts to wealthier school districts under the current DCD multiplier within the Florida Education Finance Program Formula.


This request is need at this time for the City to join the effort to have the legislature to amend 1011.62 Florida Statutes to prevent funds being transferred from poorer school districts to funding wealthier school districts.


According to Volusia County school officials in 2004 the FPLI method of funding for school was changed by the by the Department of Education without legislative direction by peer review by economic experts.  Since that time Volusia County schools have lost $142,522,685 in state funding redistributed to wealthier school districts.

The school district is requesting cities and the county to draft resolutions supporting legislative activities to resolve the issue.


No city funding issues are related to this issue.


It is recommended that the City Council consider adoption of Resolution No. 17-28as approved here in.

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