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Fire Station Demolition
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Award of Bid No. 05-17 - Fire Station Demolition
From: Ron McLemore
Meeting/Hearing Date:   November 1, 2017

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The City of DeBary, "old" Fire Station No. 33 at 93 South US Highway 17-92 is no longer in use and has been approved for demolition.  DeBary Bid No. 05-17 was developed and administered for the procurement of demolition services to remove the old fire station buidling and its appurtenances.

The Propound Discussion

On August 29, 2017 and August 30, 2017 the City of DeBary advertised for bids, Bid No. 05-17, Fire Station Demolition.  The bidding phase of the project was interuppted by the effects of Hurricane Irma and the Bid Date was postponed by Addendum No. 1. Consequently, a second advertisement was required to reschedule the Pre-Bid meeting and the Bid Date.  The Pre-Bid Meeting was held on October 10, 2017 and potential bidders were provided access to inspect the site.

On October 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM, three (3) sealed bids were received for Bid No. 05-17.  The three (3) bids were unsealed and read aloud at DeBary City Hall with representatives of the bidders and other witnesses present.  The results of the bids are:

Contractor                                                      Bid Amount

1. Johnson’s Excavation & Services, Inc.                $23,510.00

2. GEL Corporation                                              $53,500.00

3. Carr & Collier, Inc.                                                 $58,200.00

Each bid was reviewed for compliance with the Instructions to Bidders and for mathematic accuracy. Johnson’s Excavation and Services, Inc. is a Certified General Contractor in the State of Florida with headquarters in Plant City, Florida. References provided by Johnson’s Excavation & Services, Inc. included the Florida Department of Transportation, District 7, which is the Tampa area.  The FDOT District 7 Contracts Administrator was contacted and confirmed that Johnson’s Excavation & Services has performed several demolition services for the department over the past fifteen (15) years with favorable results.

 Recommended Motion  

Motion to award the contract for demolition of the DeBary Fire Station, Bid No. 05-17 to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Johnson’s Excavation & Services, Inc., for the contract amount of $23,510.00 and include a contingency amount of $1,490.00 for a total budget of $25,000.00.

City Council Action:
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