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Integra 289 Ordinance 11-17
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Integra 289 Exchange DA
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date: October 4, 2017

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Applicant, Steve Costa, is requesting approval of a Development Agreement for the Integra 289 Exchange Overall Development Plan, permitting certain development incentives and waivers to the City’s Land Development Code in association with a proposed four story, 289 unit multi-family apartment complex.  

The purpose of this request is for the City Council to consider approval of a Development Agreement associated with the proposed apartment development. The agreement outlines the applicant’s request for certain applicable waivers from the City’s Land Development Code as well as proposed development incentives that would initiate the first project within the transit oriented development around the SunRail station.

Integra 289 Exchange is a 289 unit multifamily development within the City’s designated Transit Oriented Development area. The subject site is located approximately ¼ mile northeast of the SunRail station, abutting and to the east of US Highway 17-92 and south of Dirkson Drive. Please see the attached Overall Development Plan set for your review.   

The total site area for the project is approximately 68 acres. Approximately 16-acres of the total site is proposed to be developed as the 289-unit multifamily apartment development, with the remainder of the property to be developed at a future date. The developer is proposing to construct five, four-story buildings, with a range of 53 to 61 units per building, and four, two-story carriage homes.  The approved development will yield an overall net density of 19.45 dwelling units/ acre.

Further, the developer is proposing to provide bus stations and significant multiuse bicycle and pedestrian trail network throughout the project. The meandering trail and sidewalk network around the landscaped and amenitized wet ponds, abutting US HWY 17-92, radiating towards the core boulevard street, or terminating at a new public trailhead, and create a transit oriented environment by interconnecting future residents and recreational trail users throughout the development. The proposed network begins to fulfil the City’s vision of creating a multimodal transportation network that is bicycle and pedestrian friendly with accessibility to the proposed Votran bus stations as well as the SunRail station and to surrounding future development.
Other improvements include stormwater ponds with decorative fountains, greenspace, a clubhouse with a pool area, garages, and maintenance facilities.

The Integra 289 Exchange Overall Development Plan is located within the DeBary Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Overlay District. As part of the development review process, the applicant is first required to submit an Overall Development Plan Application. The applicant may electively submit a development agreement to the City Council for consideration of approval if a proposed development is going to utilize development bonuses or incentives, or is going to deviate from the TOD regulating plan. If the applicant chooses to do this, then a development agreement is required to be approved by City Council pursuant to the Land Development Code Section 5-130(d) - Administrative Procedures.

Consistent with Section 5-130(f) of the Land Development Code, and in consideration of the following: 1) The extraordinary financial risk perceived in the marketplace for the project associate with the project being the first one in the TOD, 2) The project serving as a catalyst for additional development investments in the TOD, 3) Developer construction of parks, bicycle and pedestrian trails, a trailhead and associated public parking and bus stops; the City shall provide to the Developer an incentive package equal to one hundred eighty thousand dollars ($180,000) in value to offset developer costs and perceived risk in the marketplace. The incentive package shall include the following: 1) a credit of $93,000 in park impact fees for the Project given at issuance of certificate of occupancy for providing onsite recreational space and improvements, 2) Waiver of $30,000 in building permit fees at permit application, and 3) Providing a cash contribution to the Developer in the amount of $57,000 from the City’s Economic Opportunities Fund upon issuance of the certificate of occupancy for the final Project building.

Approval of the overall development plan development agreement will authorized the applicant to move ahead to preliminary plat and construction plans (final construction plans).

At the September 20, 2017 City Council Meeting, Council approved the first reading of Ordinanc 11-17 with the following conditions:
  • The the applicant add a sidewalk around the entire north side of the southern retention pond down to the site property boundary (This allow for a future developer on the southern tract of land to complete a loop around this pond and thus completing any gaps in the bicycle and pedestrian trail network.
  • That any fencing installed is not chain-link but rather decorative black or white alluminum material (P. 6, Sec I of the DA).
  • That the Developer change DA language from "may" to "shall" in reference to included amenities (P. 6, Sec J of the DA).
  • The location description in the Ordinance to be corrected.  
Findings of Fact
  • The subject site has the existing future land use designation (SEMUA-TOD) allowing for the proposed development.
  • The subject site has the existing zoning designation (TOD Overlay District) allowing for the proposed development.
  • The proposed development meets the applicable land development code requirements with the exception of what is outlined in the Development Agreement for City Council Consideration as permitted by Land Development Code Sec 5-130(d).
  • The proposed project is consistent with the City’s 2014 Community Vision for transit oriented development in this area.
  • On August 15, 2017, DRC reviewed and recommended approval subject to coordination between city staff and the applicant of a development incentives package to be presented to city council.

Please find the following options for consideration in the approval of the Hawthorne Landing Development Agreement and Waiver Requests associated with Ordinance 11-17:

Option #1 – Approve the second reading of Ordinance 11-17, including the Development Agreement incentives and Waivers as well as City Council's conditions of approval from the first reading as presented.

Option #2 – Approve with additional conditions or restrictions associated with the proposed waivers and incentives to the Development Agreement.

Option #3 – Deny the Development Agreement and Waiver Request.
Recommended Motion
approval of Option #1 .

City Council Action:
(   )  Approved As Recommended
(   )  Approved With Modification
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