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Canterwood BPUD Ord 10-17
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Canterwood BPUD - Ordinance 10-17
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date: October 4, 2017

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MJM Associates LLC, on behalf of the owners Charles and Saundra Grey, are requesting approval of a Business Planned Unit Development rezoning. The approved rezoning will effectively change the zoning classification from R-4 Urban Single Family Residential to Business Planned Unit Development (BPUD). The applicant is proposing to use the site exclusively as an assisted living facility.

The subject parcel is 7.88 acres and located within the City of DeBary, approximately 0.25 miles east from the intersection of US Highway 17-92 and Dirksen Drive. The applicant is requesting the BPUD rezoning for developing a 120 bed, 122k s.f. assisted living facility including infrastructure improvements, stormwater retention areas, buffering and landscaping.

Please find the attached Site Plan and Development Agreement.      

Concurrent to the future land use map amendment, the applicant is requesting a Business Planned Unit Development rezoning. The applicant’s rezoning request will permit the assisted living facility land use within the (approved) commercial/retail future land use.

Per City Land Development Code Section 3-108, the BPUD approval process requires the applicant to submit a development agreement and a conceptual site plan, which illustrates the character and standards for the development. The applicant’s development agreement and site plan illustrates amenities such as a courtyard, gazebo, trellis, walking trails, box garden, benches, shade trees, and a water feature within a wetpond. In addition to the aforementioned amenities, the applicant is proposing to construct a passive recreational open space and trail network.

As a requirement to the Development Review Process, the applicant must satisfy concurrency and environmental mediation requirements.

Volusia County Utilities has projected to have adequate capacity to service the development and has provided the City with a letter of no objection. Per the City’s adopted 2017 reclaimed water mandate, the applicant will extend reclaimed water lines to service their development.

The natural resources on the subject parcel will be retained per City of DeBary Land Development Code; however, no historical sites or endangered species have been identified to be impacted by development.

Transportation impacts from the proposed development did not warrant a full Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) per Volusia County Metro Planning adopted guidelines. However, the trip generation report indicated there will be impacts to near-critical road segments within the City. At the time of engineered plan review, the City will adhere to those specifications identified in the City of DeBary Land Development Code Section 2-8 pertaining to the Proportionate Fair-Share program for transportation concurrency.   


  • The proposed BPUD is in compliance with the City’s Land Development Code, Sec. 3-108 - PUD Planned Unit Development.
  • The proposed BPUD is in compliance with the City's Land Development Code, Sec. 1-6 - Rezoning
  • The proposed BPUD is in compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Element, Commercial/Retail land use designation, Policy 5.403(b), should City Council approve the concurrent, proposed Future Land Use amendment
  • June 20, 2017 the DRC reviewed and approved Case #17-03-CPA-Canterwood, recommending the approval of a future land use designation change from Residential Low Density to Commercial/Retail.
  • July 18, 2017 the DRC reviewed and approved Case #17-03-PUD-Canterwood, the applicant’s concurrent request for a rezoning from R-4 Urban Single Family Residential to Business Planned Unit.
  • September 19, 2017, the DRC reviewed and approved a minor modification to the site plan.
Option #1 – Approve the Business Planned Unit Development rezoning as presented.
Option #2 – Approve the Business Planned Unit Development rezoning with conditions
Option #3 -- Deny the Business Planned Unit Development rezoning, citing rational for the denial

Option #1 – Approve the first reading of Ordinance 10-17; Canterwood Manor BPUD Rezoning.

City Council Action:
(   )  Approved As Recommended
(   )  Approved With Modification
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