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Canterwood FLU Amendment
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Last Updated: 2017/8/10
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Ord 09-17 Canterwood FLU Amendment
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date:  October 4, 2017

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MJM Associates LLC, on behalf of the owners Charles and Saundra Grey, are requesting approval of a Small Scale Future Land Use Map amendment. The proposed amendment will effectively change the city’s future land use designation from Residential Low Density to Commercial/Retail.

The subject parcel is 7.88 acres and located within the City of DeBary, approximately 0.25 miles east from the intersection of US Highway 17-92 and Dirksen Drive. The applicant is requesting the future land use amendment for developing a 120 bed, 122k square foot assisted living facility including infrastructure improvements, stormwater retention areas, buffering, passive recreational space and landscaping.

Currently, the ALF site is being utilized as single-family residential rentals. This site differs from the character of other residential districts, as it is adjacent to commercial land uses and is in close proximity to parks and the City’s TOD. In its existing state, the single-family residential housing is isolated from other similar housing stock by surrounding commercial, utilities, or public land uses. Therefore, the proposed commercial land use is more compatible than the existing, residential low density.   
The existing Future Land Use is Residential Low Density, which allows for single-family residential uses and up to four (4) DU/acre. Comprehensive Plan Policy 5.402(a). The proposed future land use of Commercial/Retail will allow for an Assisted Living Facility land use and a 0.5 floor-area ratio. Comprehensive Plan Policy 5.403(b).

The Canterwood Manor Assisted Living Facility adheres to the intention of the Comprehensive Plan by advocating a retail service personal care land use, placed adjacent to a major intersection and abutting a Dirksen Drive, and allows for a higher density residential-based land use transitional to other retail and residential areas.

The City’s comprehensive plan defines commercial classification which includes the following characteristics: (1) provides for commercial retail and services uses, (2) includes retail services uses such as personal care, (3) should be located at major intersections and along major roadways as infill development, and (4) permits higher density housing on the edge of a retail area as a transition to residential uses.

The proposed ALF meets the intent of the Comprehensive Plan, Commercial/Retail land use classification allowing for higher density housing on the edge of retail areas as a transition to residential uses.

The compatibility matrix, as seen below, indicates the ALF would function appropriately with the surrounding land uses due to the following: (1) residential land uses to the north are significantly buffered by a storm pond and a 250 foot +/- power transmission line easement; (2) higher intensity commercial uses located at the Dirksen and US 17-92 intersection to the west would result in a transition to less intensive commercial uses to the east; (3) the public park spaces to the east and south would be supportive and compatible with the proposed ALF; and (4) the proposed development would support a transitional use compatible with the City’s TOD by providing compact design, promoting walkability to parks, and as a sustainable employment center for City residents.

R-4: Urban Single Family Residential
RLD: Residential Low Density
Stormwater Retention
C: Conservation
P/I: Public/Institutional
Gemini Springs Park
B-9: General Office
C/O: Commercial Office
Memorial Park
B-4: General Commercial / 17-92 Overlay
C/R: Commercial/Retail
Gas Station

  • The proposed future land use is consistent with the City of DeBary Comprehensive Plan, and with the surrounding future land use designations.
  • The proposed future land use designation of Commercial/Retail comports with the Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Element, Policy 5.505, which is to be considered when making a decision to approve development projects.
  • On June 20, 2017 the DRC reviewed and approved Case #17-03-CPA-Canterwood, recommending the approval of a future land use designation change from Residential Low Density to Commercial/Retail.
Option #1 – Approve the future land use amendment as presented.
Option #2 – Deny the future land use amendment.

Approve Option #1, the first reading of Ordinance 09-17; Canterwood Manor Future Land Use Amendment.

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