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Spring to Spring Trail Gap
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Last Updated: 2017/6/29
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Spring to Spring Trail Gap
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management Director
Meeting/Hearing Date:  July 5, 2017

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DeBary Planning Staff requesting direction as to the City Council's preference for the future implementation of the Spring-to-Spring Trail (DeBary Gap).

The purpose of planning’s request is to provide a clear understanding of how the trail should be aligned and prevent the loss of possible grant financing.

The DeBary Gap is approximately six (6) miles of missing trail segments in the City.  Please find the Spring-to-Spring Trails Map attached.

The missing trails are identified as critical segments to several larger trail networks. At a regional level, the DeBary Gap is within the St. Johns River to Sea Loop (SJR2C Loop) and a connector to Florida’s Coast-to-Coast Trail system. The DeBary Gap has even been identified on a national level, within the East Coast Greenway- trail network.

The construction of the DeBary Gap could provide a cohesive bike/ped pathway to local amenities such as Sunrail, TOD, Gemini Springs, microbreweries, and Rob Sullivan Park. Additionally, the trail may provide for regional connectivity to all businesses, attractions, and assets associated with those communities within the SJR2C Loop.

Due to the importance of this trail connection, the DeBary Gap has been recognized as a potential beneficiary for SunTrail funding.

Please find the following options for consideration in the future implementation of the Spring to Spring Trail:

Option #1 – No Action. The trail will terminate at the northernmost point of Donald E. Smith Blvd. The unregulated segment will likely result in the trail users utilizing Don E. Smith   Blvd. and/or the sidewalk.

Option #2 – Do not allow golf carts on Donald E. Smith Blvd or sidewalks. This option will likely be unfavorable to the Golf & Country Club Community.

Option #3 – Allow golf carts on the road. This option may require (1) users to obtain tags/insurance or other provisions, (2) city ordinance mandating permissible use, and (3) adhere to all standards specified through Florida Statutes Chapter 316; as it pertains to gold cart use on roadways and sidewalks.

Option #4 – Partner with Volusia County to seek the additional funding for the trail construction on the west side of Donald E. Smith Blvd. Originally, construction on the west side of Don E. Smith was met with steep opposition. The trail would require Duke Energy to grant an easement and designers to contend with the existing transmission lines. However, construction within the City’s right of way would likely eliminate these problems. Furthermore, this option may still include obstacles, but will likely be overcome through design and engineering. Some such issues may include (1) ADA compliance, (2) fill and topographic review, and (3) the need for DeBary G&CC to grant an easement in their common space. Funding for constuction on the east side is approximatly $450,000, in comparison to the west side, which is roughly $1.1 million. All project financing is procured through SunTrail grants.   
Recommended Motion
Approve Option #4 – Partner with Volusia County to seek the necessary financing to construct on the west side of Donald E. Smith Blvd.

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