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Reclaim Water Ordinance 07-17
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Last Updated: 2017/6/21
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Reclaim Water
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date:  July 5, 2017

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To approve the first reading of Ordinance #07-17 requiring the instillation of reclaim water lines for new development in the City of DeBary.


The goal of the proposed Ordinance is to require the installation of reclaim water lines for all new development in the City so that a reduction in the use of potable (drinking) water may be achieved.


Objective 7A.3 of the City's Comprehensive Plan Public Facilities Infrastructure Element states that the City will carry out a program of activities to encourage conservation of potable water resources, and Policy 7A.304 states that, The City will encourage the use of treated effluent in lieu of using primary water sources. By requiring new development to utilize reclaimed water (gray water), the City can further its goals, objectives, and policies outlined in its Comprehensive Plan. This effort will allow the City and its utility provider, Volusia County Utilities, to reduce the impact on potable (drinking) water supply, while still providing irrigation for landscape needs and future development.

The proposed Ordinance will require all future development to install reclaim water service lines within its development. New developments will also be required to connect to reclaim water mains when it's available within 1,000 feet. If reclaim water mains are not available at the time of construction, the developer would still be required to install service lines (dry lines) within its development, so that once future reclaim water mains are available, the development may connect, and will be required to do so within one year.

Recommended Motion:

Approve the first reading of Ordinance #07-17.

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