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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: FDOT JPA Spring to Spring Connector Trail
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date: June 7, 2017

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Review and authorize the execution of Resolution 17-08 for a Joint Participation Agreement between the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the City of DeBary to allow the City to design a bicycle and pedestrian trail connecting the SunRail Station to the existing Spring-to-Spring bicycle and pedestrian trail and receive reimbursement for costs incurred.

To establish an interconnected bicycle and pedestrian trail network throughout the City; enhance ridership of the SunRail by connecting the train station to the existing spring-to-spring bike trail; and to increase economic development within the TOD.


The City Council previously authorized staff to persue the Spring-to-Spring connector trail project with the FDOT on April 6, 2016. Since then, a JPA has been completed that addresses the design of the trail and is ready for approval by the Council. Additionally, the City recently completed its latest draft master plan for the Transit Oriented Development area around the existing SunRail Station. One of the key components of the master plan is to incorporate multiple modes of transportation options including bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Currently, the SunRail system is being operated by FDOT with the surrounding jurisdiction being within the City limits. The City and FDOT have an opportunity to establish a partnership to install some of the early, critical infrastructure to connect the SunRail Station to the existing Spring-to-Spring bicycle/pedestrian trail (Please see attached Exhibit A) in an effort to promote Transit Oriented Development, and thus increased ridership as well as bicycle/pedestrian safety. The proposed project is consistent with the TOD Master Plan and has the potential to promote adjacent future development.

The trail segment would be located on land owned by Volusia County. The County has stated that it will grant the City an easement to construct and maintain the trail.

FDOT has offered to reimburse the City the total costs of designing and constructing the proposed bike trail segment of up to $250,000. The City has had an Engineer's Estimate completed which projects that design and construction costs will fall within the maximum limits set by the proposed agreements. The City will be responsible for designing and constructing the project and will then be eligible for reimbursement after completion of certain milestones of the project as outlined in the attached agreements. At this time, it is anticipated that the only total costs to the City will be in staff time as well as any minor administrative costs such as legal review and procurement of vendor services.


Approve Resolution 17-08.

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