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5 Yr CIP
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: 5-Year CIP Amendment
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date:  June 7, 2017

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Adopt the second reading of Ordinance 05-17, amending the City's 2017 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to include the intersection improvement of Highbanks Rd/US 17-92.

To ensure that the City's transportation network continues to operate within the adopted level of service.

An amendmet to include the construction of a west bound right turn lane and associate signal improvements in the 5-Year CIP is required to ensure that the Highbanks Road/US 17-92 intersection is operating within the City's Adopted level of service (LOS). Existing and future development in the area and within the region are contributing to increased traffic generation over time. This intersection is projected to exceed the City's Adopted LOS of D within the next three to seven years. The estimated cost for this intersection improvement is approximately $300,000. Adding this improvement to the 5-year CIP will allow the City to receive proportionate fair share funding from future development based on their portion of impact anticipated to the intersection. Additionally, adding this to the CIP will position the city better to pursue State funding through the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO).

The City typically receives local option fuel tax which is restricted for transportation expenditures. This project is a permitted use of these funds. The current fiscal year has approximately $200,000 budgeted for road resurfacing. Subsequent years may allocate a proportion of this budget for this line item so that there is adequate funding in the future when the project is ready for implementation.

Approve the second reading of Ordinance 05-17 amending the 5-year CIP to add in the Highbanks Rd./US 17-92 Intersection Improvement for FY

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