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Task Order 2015-14
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Last Updated: 2017/3/28
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Pegasus Task Order 2015-14,
                   265 Ponce Lane Drainage Improvements
From: Alan Williamson, Public Works
Meeting/Hearing Date:  5 April 2017

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During the Council workshop on February 15, 2017 the City of DeBary City Council directed staff to proceed with a stormwater project located at 265 Ponce Lane.The City of DeBary has a continuing consultant contract in place with Pegasus Engineering, LLC for general engineering services, and this task order ( 2015-14 )  in the amount of $25,695.00 covers fees and design services for the project.

The residential home located at 265 Ponce Lane experiences localized flooding and erosion caused by runoff directed towards the property via existing asphalt curbs. The scope of work to eliminate this runoff includes the installation of two ditch bottom inlets, and 24-inch RCP pipe to properly convey the stormwater runoff from Ponce Lane to an existing overflow ditch.

Recommended Motion  
Recommended motion to approve Task Order 2015-14 in the amount of $25,695.00 for engineering services for 265 Ponce Lane drainage improvements.

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