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Fertilizer Ordinance
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: County Fertilizer Ordinance
From: Alan Williamson, Public Works
Meeting/Hearing Date:  1 February 2017

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The Volusia County Council has adopted a summertime fertilizer ban and initiated other restrictions to protect the county’s waterways. The ordinance applies to all homes and businesses in Volusia County, except those in Deltona and DeBary, which have their own fertilizer ordinances.

The new county ordinance includes these provisions:

  • The application of fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorous is prohibited from June 1 through Sept. 30 of each year.
  • Fertilizer may not be applied within 15 feet of water bodies.
  • The application of fertilizers containing phosphorous is prohibited unless a deficiency is verified.
  • Fertilizer containing nitrogen may be applied only between Oct. 1 and May 31 and must contain no less than 50 percent slow-release nitrogen
The difference between the county ordinance and city ordinance include:
        - county has a summertime ban
        - county has distance of 15 feet versus 10 feet fertilizer free area from a water body

Discussion Item
The Volusia County Pollution Control Manager reached out to inquiry whether the City of DeBary had thoughts on modifying the city ordinance to create a uniform approach throughout the county. There are three (3) options the city may pursue:
        - Option 1: leave the city ordinance as is
        - Option 2: amend the city ordinance and add additional verbiage to conform with county ordinance
        - Option 3: rescind city ordinance and adopt county ordinance

Pros and cons for each option include:
        - Option 1: the summertime ban on fertilizing is not enforceable within city limits and countywide constancy is not in place
        - Option 2: additional verbiage will create consistancy and uniformity throughout the county
        - Option 3: countywide consistency and uniformity

  Action will vary based on option.
               - Option 1: no action required
               - Option 2: amend current city ordinance and submit revision at March council meeting
               - Option 3: submit agenda item for March council meeting to rescind city ordinance and adopt county ordinance

City Council Action:
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