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River City Nature Park CDBG
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Last Updated: 2017/1/25
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City of DeBary

Subject: River City Nature Park Pavilion Bid Opening
From: John Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director
Meeting/Hearing Date: February 1, 2017  

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Staff is requesting Council approve the lowest bidder MCG Services, LLC for the 2016/2017 CDBG grant cycle.


Approval of the lowest bid will allow staff to complete the project as specified.


The CDBG grant award amount was $50,969.  There were six companies represented at the pre-bid meeting. Of those six, three submitted sealed bids for the pavilion by the advertised deadline and are as follows from lowest to highest; MCG Services, LLC @$49,855.00; AG Pifer Construction Company, Inc. @$49,988.03; and All Terrain Tractor Service @$53,854.92. MCG Services has met the scope of services detailed in the project specifications and has been vetted using the previous jobs listed in their bid submittal.


Approve the lowest responsible bidder MCG Services, LLC with a sealed bid submittal of $49,855.00 to complete the pavilion installation at River City Nature Park for the 2016/2017 CDBG grant cycle.

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