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Ordinance 13-16, Hedges, TIA Ord
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Ord 13-16 LDC Amendments to Hedge Regulations and Traffic Impact Analysis Requirements
From: Matt Boerger, Growth Management
Meeting/Hearing Date:  January 4, 2017

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This is the second reading of Ordinance #13-16. This ordinance would adopt a proposing amendment to the City’s Land Development Code to amend hedge regulation and Volusia County Metropolitan Planning (R2CTPO) standards for traffic impact analysis methodology. Please see attachment, Ordinance #13-16.

Background Discussion
Hedge Regulations. Hedges constitute an ill-defined portion of the City’s Land Development Code and have previously been regulated like fences. The Planning and Development Department is seeking to clearly define what, where, and to what extent hedges may be regulated within the code. Ordinance #13-16 delineates what rules may govern hedges within the City and how it differs from fence regulation. For example, the current code states that: " Hedges shall not exceed four feet in height along and between the front lot line and the front building line, and shall not exceed six feet in height elsewhere on the lot." It would seem apparent that this language is meant to prohibit creating a vegetative "wall" barricading the front of the home from the road, similar to the way a fence would act. However, this language, conflicts with allowing hedge rows extending perpendicular from the front of the home, down the side property boundaries, and out to the right of way. Please see attached Hedge Graphics 1-5 for examples of existing hedge rows that would technically be prohibited by the current language in the Land Development Code. Therefore, staff is proposing to amend the language to allow for hedge rows like the ones in the attached exhibits to continue while still prohibiting the allowance of a vegetative barrier between the front plane of a home and the right of way on urban lots less than one acre. Lots larger than one acre are more rural in nature, such as those found in Orlandia Heights and elsewhere in the DeBary, and often leave natural vegetative stands in front of the homes. Thus, they would be exempt from the proposed hedge regulations.

Traffic Impact Analysis Methodology. The Volusia County Metropolitan Planning Organization also knowns as the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization, (R2CTPO) requires cities within Volusia County to adopt their traffic impact analysis (TIA) methodology, in order to secure funding through the TPO. Ordinance #13-16 allows the City of DeBary to adopt the Volusia County TIA standards within the City’s land development code sections, which pertain to concurrency management. The adoption of the TPO’s TIA methodology, as amended, shall allow the City Planning Department to seek and procure transportation related funding from the Florida Department of Transportation. Please see attachment, Executed Resolution 2016-21.

Recommended Motion  
Approve the the second reading of Ordinance #13-16

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