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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: DeBary Community Center Phase II Contract
From: Ron McLemore
Meeting/Hearing Date:  December 21, 2016

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City Manager requesting the City Council to approve task order 3, phase 2 of the community center
study with Aci.
This request is needed to provide the study committee with the information contemplated in the detailed phase of the study so as to provide the city council and the community with a more complete and accurate understanding of the probable operating and capital cost and alternative phasing options for the construction of the center.
On September 7, 2016 the city council entered into an agreement with Aci to perform a study with the assistance of a committee appointed by the council to study the possibility of the city constructing and operating a new community center. The study process provided for a phrase 1 conceptual plan identifying the program of services the community would like to be included as well as the size of the building and site, and very preliminary cost estimate. To date the committee has completed an intensive citizen engagement process identifying the programs the citizens would like to be included in the facility and has concluded that the size of the community center would need to be approximately 37,000 sq. ft. and require up to seven acres of land. The advisory committee would at this time like to proceed with phase 2 of the study. Phase 2 would perform the detailed studies that refine operating and construction cost, alternative financing options and most importantly, alternative prioritization of the desired programs of services chosen by the community and the related options for phasing the construction of the center if required to gain the support of the community. Consistent with the study resolution adopted by the council, following completion of phase 2, the committee will present a draft report to the council in February or early March for comments prior to presenting its final report in April.
Cost and Funding:
The cost for phase 2 is $35,000 and provided for in the fy 17 general fund budget.
It is recommended that the council approve task order 3, phase 2 of the community center study as

provided above.

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