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Riviera Bella Final Plat 5 & 6
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Last Updated: 2016/12/1
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Riviera Bella Final Plat Units 5 & 6
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date: December 7, 2016

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Jerome Henin of Henin Group is seeking final plat approval for Riviera Bella, Units 5 and 6. The proposed phases include lots 297-348 in Unit 5 and lots 349-383 in Unit 6. The applicant wishes to develop the collective 87 lots into single-family homes; as previously permitted in the Preliminary Plat approval on July 1, 2015. The subject property is located within the Riviera Bella Subdivision, west of Ft. Florida Road.

Background Discussion
The Preliminary Plat and construction plan was previously approved, permitting a total of 415 single-family residential lots within Units 4-7. Units 1-3, which consist of 249 singly-family lots have been platted to date. The remaining Units, 4-7 consist of the proposed 166 single-family lots, totaling the 415 lots previously permitted by the ODP.

The City’s Surveyor, in conformity with Chapter 177 of the Florida Statutes, has reviewed the final plat and the City Attorney has conducted a legal review of the final plat and the title opinion.

The Development Review Committee (DRC) has reviewed the construction plans.


Pursuant to Section 4-46, Final Plat Review within the LDC, “after the preliminary plat development order has been issued pursuant to section 4-45, the developer may submit an application for a final plat development order.” The applicant has satisfied preliminary plat review and is applying for approval thereof the Final Plat Review including issuance of development order.  Please find Exhibit A, LDC Section 4-46.

Findings of Fact
The Development Review Committee, City Planning Administrator, City Attorney and City Surveyor reviewed the request and all comments and concerns of the reviewers have been addressed.
Further, Planning is in receipt of Engineer’s Certification for Units 5 and 6. The signed and sealed certificates, by Steve Young P.E. of CDS, certifying general conformance to water distribution systems, sanitary sewer, grading and paving/drainage systems as specified by approved construction plans. Please see Exhibt B &C.

If City Council approves this application, it has determined that the applicant’s request for Final Plat approval meets the requirements of Chapter 4, Section 4-46 Final Plat Review of the Land Development Code.

Recommended Motion  
Approve the Riviera Bella Units 5-6 Final Plat subject to staff conditions of approval including the following:

  • Payment of all required fees, deposits, and costs may be applicable or required pursuant to the Land Development Code, and other applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations shall be paid to the City prior to final plat approval and recording. The applicant shall be responsible for all recording costs associated with the plat and related documents.
  • The original signed plat mylar and all original executed plat related documents are to be promptly recorded in the Public Records of Volusia County, Florida, after final plat approval and only after satisfaction of all conditions of plat approval. Upon recording of the plat and plat related documents, the applicant shall provide the City with a recorded copy of the plat and plat documents to evidence proper recording.
  • It is the responsibility of the entity subdividing the land to ensure that all applicable requirements of the Land Development Code and Florida Statutes relative to the subdividing and development of property are met prior to the final plat approval and recording. The lots on the plat shall not be conveyed unless and until the conditions of approval have been satisfied and the plat as well as the plat related documents have been fully executed and recorded in the public records.
  • The applicant shall clearly indicate, on individual plat plans at the time of building permitting, the 100-year floodplain line and ensure that no grading or structure construction take place within it. This provision applies to Lots 367-374 and Lots 382-383.

City Council Action:
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