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Discount Propane ROW Vacation
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Last Updated: 2016/12/7
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Discount Propane ROW Vacation
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date: December 7, 2016

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The City of DeBary Planning Department is requesting approval of an administrative vacation of three (3) right-of-way located within the parcel for the proposed Discount Propane Final Site Plan. William Allen, owner of Discount Propane, has entered into a land swap agreement with the City of DeBary in efforts to relocate his commercial, propane sales facility away from the DeBary Transit Oriented Development. As a procedure of Final Site Plan approval of the Allen development, the City of DeBary Planning Department is requiring vacation of all public right-of-way within the site. Approval of the proposed Discount Propane Final Site Plan is contingent upon vacation of all aforementioned right-of-way, lot consolidation, and dedication of the Shell Road right-of way. The subject parcel is located west of and abutting S. Shell Road, north of and abutting Benson Junction, and approximately 0.3 miles west of US 17-92.  

Background Discussion

The City of DeBary Planning Department is seeking approval of Resolution #16-32. Pursuant to the City of DeBary Land Development Code, Sec. 3-124 Construction in Platted Easements, principal and accessory structures, other than boat docks, boathouses and walkways, shall not be erected in platted easements. As a condition of final site plan approval, the City of DeBary Planning Department is vacating all public right-of-way within the Discount Propane site and, therein providing for the adherence to LDC Section 3-124.  In support of the request, the Planning Department has provided for all public and utility notification requirements and authorization of owner.

The vacate is associated with the following parcel information:

Parcel ID Number



450 S. Shell Rd. DeBary

Property Class

Vacant Industrial

Acreage (parcel)

5.5 +/-  acres

Land Development Code
  City of DeBary Land Development Code, Article X, Ordinances and Resolutions, Section 10.03 Adoption of Resolutions provides that, every proposed resolution shall be introduced in writing and in the form required for final adoption.

  Recommended Motion  
  Approve Resolution 16-32 to vacate the proposed right-of-way vacations.

City Council Action:
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