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KHARE Stormwater Services
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Budget Adjustment No. 2 - General Construction Services - KHARE Construction Services, LLC
From:  Ron McLemore
Meeting/Hearing Date:  December 7, 2016

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KHARE Construction Services, LLC currently provides General Stormwater Construction Services to the City at the direction of the City Manager. General stormwater construction services are required by the City for inspection and management of small scale stormwater projects and occasional unforseen needs that arise spontaneously from various elements of the stormwater infrastructure of the City. The current budget for general stormwater construction services was approved December 2, 2015 and this budget has been expended. The City's need for stormwater construction services is expected to continue for the current budget year with two small scale stormwater projects currently planned.

The Propound Discussion

General stormwater construction services provided to the City by KHARE Construction Services, LLC are comprised of various small projects and tasks that are assigned by the City Manager on an "as needed" basis. These services have previously included; administration of construction contracts, administration of the public bidding process, pre-construction services, construction inspection, project documentation and records, coordination with Public Works Department and as representative of the City in response to DeBary residents and others for information or action related to stormwater construction or existing infrastructure elements of the City. In addition, general stormwater services may include any "short notice" requests for inspection and documentation of field conditions by the City Manager or Public Works Director.

Recommended Motion  

Motion to approve Budget Adjustment No. 2 in the amount of Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) for general stormwater construction services to be provided by KHARE Construction Service, LLC, as directed by the City Manager.

City Council Action:
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