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Audit Service
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Subject:  Extension of audit services with BMC CPAs
From:  Finance Director
Meeting/Hearing Date: November 2, 2016

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The City of DeBary is required to have an external audit performed annually and an extension
of the current contract with BMC CPAs is being requested.

Background Information

The extension agreement will extend the original Financial Audit Services Agreement
No. 07-07 and the gross fee, including expenses, will remain in agreement with the
anticipated cost schedule outlined in the original agreement, which is $33,826 for the audit of
fiscal year ended 9/30/16. In the event a federal and/or state Single Audit is required, it is
anticipated that the above fee estimates may be increased by approximately 20%, as is
included in the original agreement.  

  Recommended Motion  

Approve Extension Contract for Financial Audit Services with BMC CPAs.

City Council Action:
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