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Subject:  SunRail Meeting
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date: October 5, 2016

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On Thursday, September 29, 2016, the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission (SunRail) held its regularly scheduled meeting. At this meeting they announced a four month pilot program to begin SunRail service on Saturdays. The trial period will begin on October 8, 2016 and run through late January. Funding for the program is a consortium of Central Florida businesses and organizations. This announcement led to discussions on the provision of bus service from the SunRail stations to a rider's final destination. Votran, Volusia County's transit authority (bus), does not provide Saturday service. During this discussion, a question was posed regarding what types of major community events may be occurring on Saturdays during this trial period which could draw outside visitors who may utilize SunRail. Therefore, it may be worth exploring what kind of community events will be taking place in DeBary and the surrounding communities which may draw outside visitors and may utilize SunRail.


Volusia County also stated it's continued support of SunRail and stressed its strong desire to realize the construction and operation of the Deland station. Other Commissioners on the Commuter Rail Commission assured Volusia of the regional support for the Deland station and stated that they would come together to support expansion to Deland. Volusia stated that if the Deland station is not completed then the funding agreement amongst the five funding partners would need to be revised to reflect the reduction in the number of stations for which the County would be responsible. The other Commissioners all agreed and stated that there was still time to pursue the station before the transition from the State occurs. However, they directed the Volusia legal representatives to draft contingency language in regards to a revised funding agreement, should the Deland station not be realized.


The County stated the possible issue of SunRail parking lots becoming free airport parking once Phase 3 is completed connecting the SunRail system to the Orlando International Airport. This was acknowledged and will be need to be given consideration in the future if and when phase three becomes realized.


Additionally, discussion was held regarding the transition of the SunRail system from the State to the Local Government operators which is scheduled in approximately four and a half years from now. It was unanimously decided that the five funding partners would each appoint a staff designee to a subcommittee and explore bringing on a consultant to facilitate the transition.


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