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Stormwater Improvement Bid
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Recommendation of Award - Small Scale Stormwater Improvement Project No. 3
From: Interim City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  October 5, 2016

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Small Scale Stormwater Improvement Project No. 3 is recommended to address persistent drainage issues that have affected residents at three locations in the City of DeBary. These drainage issues are of sufficient concern for the staff to craft an expedited bidding process to readily make necessary improvements to the City's drainage infrastructure.

The Propound Discussion

Three separate project sites have been addressed in the Contract Documents for Small Scale Stormwater Improvement Project No. 3. Site No. 1 is located at 398 N Pine Meadow Drive and this Work consists of removing and replacing an existing underground drainage pipe that has collapsed causing settlement in an area near the homeowner's driveway. Site No. 2 is located at 252 and 254 Lakewood Drive and consists of removing and replacing an existing underground drainage pipe that has collapsed causing settlement in an area along the City's right-of-way on Lakewood Drive. Site No. 3 addresses a DeBary drainage easement and outfall channel from the subdivision that includes Lakeshore Drive and Magnolia Place.  The outfall channel requires re-alignment to prevent further erosion that has undermined sections of the driveway at 371 Magnolia Place.

In order to readily correct the conditions stated above staff recommends City Council consider it advisable to waive the Formal Bidding Procedures as permitted by Ordinance No. 94-38, Section 2-186, Formal Bidding Procedures. To expedite the start of construction, proposals have been requested from four (4) local construction companies that have successfully completed similar stormwater projects for DeBary.  The four (4) potential bidders verbally confirmed interest in providing a proposal for the Work and on September 19, 2016, Contract Documents were posted on the DeBary website for access by the potential bidders. Questions from potential bidders were given response by email to all potential bidders and were included with other changes that are included with Addendum No. 1 as a Contract Document.

Sealed Bids were received from four (4) Bidders at City of DeBary City Hall on September 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM. The results of the Bid are as follows:

All Terrain Tractor Service - $102,253.94
Briar Team - $235,250.00
Masci Construction - $231,592.00
Villages Construction - $142,030.00

Engineer's Estimate $65,000.00

All Terrain Tractor Service is a licensed underground contractor based in Orange City, Florida that has successfully performed several projects of similar nature for the City of DeBary. The bid amounts from the four bidders varied significantly. Several factors may have resulted in the wide variation of bid amounts. The expedited bid process may have given bidders minimal time to consider costs resulting in higher than average pricing. In addition, the construction market in Central Florida has increased significantly thereby adding to labor and material costs. The low bid amount is approximately thirty seven percent (37%) more than the Engineer's Estimate that was based on apparently outdated historical data.

Unforeseen conditions are common to underground construction and it is recommended to include a contingency amount of five percent (5%) of the construction cost with the budget for the project. Five percent of the Construction cost ($102,253.94) is approximately $5,112.00.

Recommended Motion  

Motion to award the Contract for Construction of the Small Scale Stormwater Improvement Project No. 3 to All Terrain Tractor Service, Inc. for the low bid amount of $102,253.94 and to inlcude a contingency amount of $5,112.00 for a total budget amount of $107,365.94.

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