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Billing from CPH
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City of DeBary

Subject: Payment to CPH Engineering
From: Interim City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  October 5, 2016

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This memo is needed to your concerns regarding the design fees charged by CPH for the decision of the roundabout at the entrance to Glen Abbey.


On March 13, 2016, CPH submitted a design ask order to the City in the amount of $23,900 to complete the design for the roundabout in a compressed time schedule to coincide with the construction of the Walmart site work.  The final billing from CPH was $21,194.50, which is $2,705.50 or 11% below the original contract amount.

Based upon my review and feedback from another credible engineering firm, the fee charged by CPH was entirely reasonable and probably below what they would have charged, considering the compressed schedule and demanding an extraordinary compliment of staff time to complete.  Therefore, I think this matter can be closed at this time.

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  Accept this report and provide the direction Council deems appropriate.

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