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TOD Planning Study2
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Last Updated: 2016/9/1
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: TOD Planning Study
From: Ron McLemore,
           Interim City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  September 7, 2016
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The City manager is requesting the Mayor and City Council to:
1.   Waive the competitive selection requirements of the purchasing policy making it
      possible to piggyback off a Lake Mary continuing services agreement for planning
      services with Associated Consulting International, (ACi) and
2.   Enter into an agreement with ACi to perform Part “A” of a two-part development plan for
      the core area of the DeBary TOD, and
3.   Approve a budget of $16,000 for the project including a fee of $14,700 and potential
      incidental cost of $1,300.

This request is needed at this time to expedite the construction of the core area of the TOD.

The goal of this study is to build upon the information of previous studies to transition the city from a planning mode to an implementation mode in order to accomplish the following objectives:
1.   Utilizing the assets of the SunRail facility to create an economically viable pedestrian,
      family, and visitor friendly live, work, and   
      entertainment venue and destination.
2.   Determine the highest and best use of the property acceptable to the market place and
      the city.
3.   Develop an economic partnership model that will attract developers to the site.
4.   Develop physical characteristics of the built environment that will result in a long-term
      sustainable project of exceptional quality which the    
      citizens of DeBary would be proud.
5.   In securing developers who’s timing and corporate model of development will be
      consistent with the city’s desire to expedite the project and desired quality of
6.   To serve as a catalyst and model for the development of the remaining sections of the

The City Council desires to take affirmative action to expedite the development of the core area of the TOD

ACi is a Winter Park firm with extensive experience and success in assisting cities, counties, FDOT  and developers in constructing TOD-type projects including the TOD districts in Lake Mary, Longwood, Winter Park and Casselberry.

ACi has an existing continuing services contract with Lake Mary, of which DeBary can piggyback their services saving the city 60 to 90 days in the city’s efforts to expedite the project.

The study has two parts as follows:
(a)   Economic feasibility
(b)   Development strategy

The economic feasibility part determines what can be built. The development strategy part identifies the desired physical characteristic, developers that would conform to the desired physical characteristics, and the strategies necessary to create a mutually acceptable partnership arrangement between the developer and the city to expedite the project.

Part “A” will cost the city approximately $16,000. Funds are available in the General Fund. If the economic feasibility is positive, Part “B” cost will be determined on the results of the Part “A” economic feasibility study. Funds for Part “B” will be available in the General Fund.

It is anticipated that Part “A” can be completed in 60 days. The amount of time to complete Part “B” will be dependent on the results of Part “A”.

Recommended Motion

Approve the contract with ACI and funding the TOD Planning Study in the amount of $16,000.

City Council Action:
(   )  Approved As Recommended
(   )  Approved With Modification
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