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Halifax Humane Society
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Last Updated: 2016/8/17
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:  Approval Annual Sheltering Services Contract with Halifax Humane Society
From:  Interim City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  September 7, 2016

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  The City's animal control activity requires on occasion that animals that are picked up be sheltered.

Background Discussion

The City contracts on an animal basis with the Halifax Humane Society for Animal Sheltering Services.  The fees charged for this service have gone up buy $1.00 per day for most services.  Attached is the new fee schedule for your review.  The city is only charged for services when animals are sheltered at halifax.

 Recommended Motion  

Approve the Animal Sheltering Contract for FY 2016-2017 with Halifax Humane Society.

City Council Action:
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