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Staff Report
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Special Council Meeting
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  April 20, 2016

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On April 6th, staff presented findings on a Council requested review to determine if current Public Record requests have been properly responded to and what actions need taken to resolve the Public Record requests. The City Attorney sent three separate requests to Mayor Johnson requesting certain records.None of which Mayor Johnson responded to.

During the April 6th, meeting the Council agreed to a conciliatory  tabling of the motion on the floor and that Mayor Johnson would bring the requested documents to a special meeting scheduled for May 11th, for discussions with the City Attorney.

Since the April 6th, Council meeting Mayor Johnson's has made comments that undercut  the city's confidence in Mayor Johnson's committment to produce the requested public records. Comments are attached.

Since the April 6th, meeting additional public record requests have been made by the Daytona Beach News Journal for public records,some of which, are in Mayor Johnson's possession and have been requested by the City Attorney but to date have not been produced.

Recommended Motion  

Staff recommends Council take appropriate action.

City Council Action:
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