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Ft Florida Commons
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Empire Cattle MPUD
From: Matt Boerger, Planning Director
Meeting/Hearing Date:  March 2, 2016

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Second Reading of Ordinance 01-16. The applicant, Empire Cattle, LLC, is requesting a rezoning from A-2, Rural Agriculture and RC, Resource Corridor to MPUD, Mixed Planned Unit Development and retaining the RC classification and space where present, on approximately 296 acres of land located at the southwest corner of Ft. Florida Road and Barwick Road, in DeBary, FL. The MPUD would allow for the development of approximately 330 townhomes, 370 single family detached homes, 10,000 sq. ft. of neighborhood commercial uses, agricultural activities, parks, and bicycle trails.

Background Discussion
The applicant, Empire Cattle, LLC, is requesting a rezoning from A-2 Rural Agriculture and RC Resource Corridor to MPUD, Mixed Planned Unit Development, on approximately 296 acres of land, parcel # 08-19-30-00-00-0010, located at the southwest corner of Ft. Florida Road and Barwick Road, in DeBary, FL. The MPUD will retain the RC, Resource Corridor designated area as conservation space.  The applicant is proposing to develop 330+/- townhomes, 370 +/- Single Family Residential Units, 10,000 square feet of neighborhood commercial retail, agricultural activities, parks, and bicycle/pedestrian trails, including a connection to adjacent River City Park, via a planned bike trail systems. The overall density for the proposed project will be 2.4 dwelling units per acre. Non-residential uses include agriculture and commercial. The proposed MPUD would permit a small working farm that would be established and run by the proposed community. This would be similar to a golf course community run by a home owner's association (HOA). The farm is intended to provide fresh, local produce to the community and potential commercial/retail uses such as convenience stores, restaurants, and farmers markets. Commercial uses will be similar to the B-2, Neighborhood Commercial Classifications as limited by the proposed Development Agreement.

  • Specifically: Neighborhood commercial uses are permitted and shall be located in a well-defined and carefully spaced commercial location. Specific uses include convenience stores, restaurants, bakeries, barbershops, confectioneries, florists, photography studios, jewelry stores, and other such approved uses as listed within the proposed development agreement. Retail building square footage shall be limited to no more than 10,000 sq. feet within the MPUD.
Land Development Code:  MPUD application meets the provisions of the Land Development Code, which specifically include:
  • Chapter 3, Article III, Division 3, Section 3-108. (a) Purpose and Intent PUD Planned Unit Development (PUD) - (1)The purpose and intent of the PUD Planned Unit Development classification is to provide for integrated developments, which are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, so as to promote a mixture of land use types and economical and orderly development consisting of a single or of a mixture of compatible land uses. Further, it is intended that a proposed development be sensitive to existing adjacent and future land uses as depicted by the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan, the natural environment and the impact upon supporting public infrastructure through such mechanisms as, but not limited to, the establishment of appropriate buffer areas between land uses, limitations upon the types of permissible uses and structures which are to be permitted in the development.

Ft. Florida Road/Utility/Single Family Residential
Leisure World Drive/Mobil Home Residential/River City Nature Park/Resource Corridor
MH-5, RC
Utility/Vacant Agricultural
Residential Planned Unit Development/Resource Corridor

Matrix Compatibility
Land uses within the compatibility matrix relate to one another by providing a visual reference to the character of the surrounding spaces, presently and in the future. The proposed development is compatible with the intended character and classification of space as;
  • The proposed development meets conservation and resource corridor criteria by the preservation of RC zoning classifications and further meeting buffering requirements as specified in the City of DeBary Land Development Code, Section: 4-236 Buffer Requirements.
  • The residential land use specified as SWMU PUD is intended for Residential/Mixed Use PUD
  • Existing land uses, based upon Section 3-2a- Zoning/Future Land Use compatibility matrix, do not interfere nor shall they be adversely affected by the proposed MPUD.

The applicant’s request for a rezoning of the subject parcel# 08-19-30-00-00-0010, for the intended development, Fort Florida Commons, meets the requirements of the PUD zoning classification as well as Chapter 3, Section 3-108 of the Land Development Code and is consistent with the uses in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  

Development Review Committee
On Tuesday, January 5, 2016, the Development Review Committee recommended approval of the proposed application #15-01-PUD-EMPIRE

Recommended Motion  
 Approval of the second reading of Ordinance 01-16, for applicant’s request to rezone from A-2 Rural Agriculture and RC Resource Corridor to MPUD and RC, Mixed Planned Unit Development and retention of RC classifications where present, of the subject parcel for the proposed development.   

City Council Action:
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