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Phase 2 ADA Accessible Road
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Last Updated: 2016/2/25
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Phase 2 ADA Accessible Emergency Access Road
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  March 2, 2016

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The Council has approved utilizing Volusia County FY 2015/2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the construction of Phase 2 ADA Accessible Emergency Access Road.  Pegasus has a continuing contract with the city and we a re in need of services for the following tasks:

  • Review the as-built survey associated with the football fields (prepared by Abel Surveying) and the irrigation plans (prepared by Spade Irrigation Design).
  • As a subconsultant to Pegasus Engineering,Southeastern Surveying & Mapping Corporation (SSMC) will conduct the necessary surveys for the development of the construction plans. More specifically, the following services are anticipated to be performed by the survey subconsultant:
  • Topographic survey of the project corridor (approximately 450 feet x 100 feet}; and
  • Locate and stake the north property line.
The survey subconsultant shall supply the Consultant with AutoCAD survey  drawings depicting the existing topographic features within the project limits. The survey subconsultant shall also provide the City and the Consultant signed and sealed copies of all final work products.
  • Conduct a field review to confirm the content and accuracy of the preliminary topographic survey.
  • Review the approved construction plans and stormwater calculations (prepared by Harris Civil Engineers, circa 2005), as well as the St. Johns River Water Management District permit (Permit No. 40-127-102738-1), to insure that the permitted retention volume is sufficient to accommodate the additional impervious area proposed for this project. In addition, determine the total impervious area within Rob Sullivan Park based on current and future conditions.
  • Prepare a 60% "concept" plan depicting the alignment of the Phase 2 emergency access road.
  • Conduct a "pre-design" meeting with City of DeBary to discuss the road alignment and grades.
  • Prepare all construction plans necessary to form a complete and single bid package ready to award for construction. All design parameters, surveys, and construction plans shall be submitted in English Standard units. At a minimum, it is anticipated that the preparation of construction drawings for the proposed drainage improvements will include the following eight (8) sheets:
  • Title Sheet (1sheet)
  • Topographic Surveys (3 sheets)
  • Site Plan (3 sheets)
  • Miscellaneous Details (1sheet)
  • Prepare probable construction costs for the proposed improvements. Statements of probable construction costs and detailed cost estimates prepared by the Consultant represents his/her best judgment as a design professional familiar with the construction industry.
  • Plot and submit the 90% construction plans and the cost estimate to the City of DeBary for review.
  • Conduct a meeting with the City of DeBary to discuss the 90% construction plans.
  • Prepare and submit "final" bid documents (construction plans, bid schedule, and the engineer's construction cost estimate) to the City of DeBary for review and approval.
 Recommended Motion  

Approve Task Order P-229328 on the amount $16,904 with Pegasus Engineering for Phase 2 ADA Accessible Emergency Access Road.

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