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Award Bid 06-15 No Name Lake
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Bid No. 06-15 No Name Lake Stormwater Pump Station and Force Main Project - Recommendation of Award to Villages Construction, Inc.
From: Dan Parrott, City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  February 3, 2016

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On December 15, 2015 and December 16, 2015 the City of DeBary advertised for bids, Bid No. 06-15, the No Name Lake Stormwater Pump Station and Force Main Project.

No Name Lake is landlocked and is without a natural outfall for excess stormwater. Highbanks Road and other properties surrounding No Name Lake have experienced historical flooding events, most notably in 2004 and 2008. In 2010, DeBary constructed the No Name Lake Stormwater Outfall System project. This project installed approximately two (2) miles of stormwater force main pipe connecting No Name Lake to the St. Johns River. The 2010 project provided DeBary the means to de-water No Name Lake using temporary portable stormwater pumps connected to the force main outfall system. As recommended, Bid No. 06-15 will provide the City a permanent electrically powered stormwater pump station connected to the 2010 force main outfall system. The automated pump station includes a standby electrical generator that can provide up to 72 hours of continuous pumping operation without power from the grid.

On January 7, 2016 the City conducted a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference for all contractors interested in bidding the project. Twelve (12) contractors were represented at the Pre-Bid Conference.  Six (6) bids were received by the City at City Hall on January 22, 2016 at 2:00 PM. All bids received were opened in public and read aloud. The results of the bid is as follows;

                Contractor                                                                              Bid Amount
                1. Villages Construction, Inc.                                                  $595,000.00
                2. McMahan Construction Co., Inc.                                               $635,585.00
                3. Prime Construction Group, Inc.                                               $656,940.00
                4. Sanpik, Inc.                                                                         $678,425.00
                5. Ovation Construction, Inc.                                                   $688,168.45
                6. Gregori Construction & Engineers, Inc.                                       $889,070.00

Engineer's Estimated Cost - $494,700.00

The Propound Discussion

All bids were reviewed for mathematical accuracy and conformity with the Instructions to Bidders. An itemized bid tabulation spreadsheet was produced to document each bid item for all bids received. The Bid Tabulation and all of the Bid Documents are posted on the City of DeBary website for public access. The lowest responsible and responsible bidder has been determined to be the VILLAGES CONSTRUCTION, INC. of Leesburg, Florida. Villages Construction, Inc. is a Florida Certified General Contractor that provided several professional references for projects of similar nature throughout Central Florida. The majority of the references that were contacted responded with favorable or satisfactory performance by the Villages Construction, Inc.

The low bid amount, $595,000.00 is approximately 20% more than the Engineers Estimated Cost.  Unexpected additional costs may reflect the recent growth of the construction market in Central Florida. In addition to market considerations, additional costs are likely the result of confined work site limitations. The City's drainage easement at the southwest corner of No Name Lake is twenty five foot (25"-0) width and much of the work must be accomplished within the twenty five foot (25"-0) corridor. The confined work site limits the Contractor's access which prolongs the work schedule and may have resulted in higher costs.

Establishment of a contingency budget is recommended in order to address unforeseen conditions that may occur during construction of the project. Five percent (5%) of the low bid amount is $29,750 and this amount is recommended as a reserve budget for contingencies.

Recommended Motion   Motion to Award the Construction Contract for Bid No. 06-15, the No Name Lake Stormwater Pump Station and Force Main Project, to the Villages Construction, Inc. for the low bid amount of $595,000.00, with a Contingency Reserve amount of $29,750.00 for total budget amount of  $624,750.00.

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