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Riviera Bella East ODP
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Riviera Bella East ODP
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date: February 3, 2016

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The applicant, Traderscove Corporations, Inc. is requesting approval of an Overall Development Plan for a project on approximately 66 acres of land located adjacent to and on the eastside of Fort Florida Road in the City of DeBary. The subject property is proposed to be annexed into the Riverside at DeBary Residential Planned Unit Development (RPUD). The applicant is proposing to develop 293 +/- Single Family Residential Units and associated amenities.

Background Discussion
The proposed project is a major amendment of the existing Riviera Bella Development (Riverside at DeBary RPUD). The applicant is now proposing to expand the current RPUD east, across Ft. Florida Rd. Please see attached PUD/ODP plans. The proposed Overall Development Plan (ODP) project includes 293 single family dwelling units with a minimum lot width of 50 feet. The existing Riviera Bella RPUD will consist of 415 single-family lots. With the addition of the new lots the amended RPUD, as proposed would allow for the development of 708 single-family homes on the east and west sides of Ft. Florida Road. Community amenities include club house, pool, play ground dock, boat ramp, tot lost, cabana, and a splash park. However, the applicant has indicated that access to the community amenities in Riviera Bella West by residents of the new section of the RPUD, Riviera Bella East, would be limited. Amenities in Riviera Bella East includes three parks (a 'Tot Lot', a splash pad, and a passive recreation) as well as walking/jogging paths around the storm ponds with upgraded landscaping. Please see attached image.


Single Family Residential
Urban Single Family Residential
Agricultural Rural
Utility/Vacant Agricultural
(Riviera Bella West)/
Urban Single Family Residential
RPUD & R-1/R-3/R-4
RPUD & Residential Low Density (RLD)

Matrix Compatibility
Land uses within the compatibility matrix relate to one another by providing a visual reference to the character of the surrounding spaces, presently and in the future. The proposed development is compatible with the intended character and classification of space as;

  • The proposed development is compatible with the Comprehensive Plan for the City of DeBary Future Land Use Element Designation of Residential Low Density (RLD). RLD permits a density of up to four (4) dwelling units per acre.The overall density for the RPUD will be approximately 3 dwelling units per acre.
  • Existing land uses, based upon Section 3-2a- Zoning/Future Land Use compatibility matrix, do not interfere nor shall they be adversely affected by the proposed RPUD.

The applicant has submitted a transportation impact analysis for the proposed project. The analysis has been reviewed and approved by the City's Transportation Engineering consultant which confirmed that the projected trip generation is within acceptable levels of service as adopted by the City's Comprehensive Plan, Transforation Chapter. In addition, the Volusia County School Board staff has issued a letter indicating that the project meets review requirements.

Findings of Fact

The applicant’s request for an Overall Development Plan for Riviera Bella East, meets the requirements of:
  • Concurrency review, Sec 2-5 and 2-6 of the Land Development Code
  • The ODP review requirements, Sec 4-44 of the Land Development Code
  • The PUD zoning requirements, Sec 3-108 of the Land Development Code
  • The City’s Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Designation of Residential Low Density (RLD)  

Recommended Motion
Approve the proposed Overall Development Plan for Riviera Bella East.

City Council Action:
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