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Bicycle Rental Kiosk at SunRail Station
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:Bicycle Rental Kiosk at SunRail Station
From: Rick Dwyer
Meeting Date: Jan. 6, 2016

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A segment of the community has suggested that the City provide bicycle rentals at the SunRail station.  Therefore, the purpose of this proposal is to initiate an effort to determine if there is a sufficient customer base that would make such endeavor a profitable investment for a private company, or at least a break-even for the City.

The Proposed Discussion

Conduct an investigative analysis to determine the potential number of customers that would rent a bicycle from a kiosk located at the SunRail station.  Include in the analysis the price point, and number of hourly rentals.  Identify also any other cities with similar programs.  Relative to the other cities, identify the issues realized, means of issue resolution, community benefit, implementation strategy, and annual revenue and costs.  

Contact vendors of bicycle kiosk solutions to determine the cost of kiosk, method of rental fee collection, and other details as may be required.  

Contact vendors of the end-to-end solution that would take responsibility for the entire rental program and be the business that rents the bicycle to the end user.  Obtain from these vendors the costs and terms of providing such a service.

Issues and Conditions

The bicycle may become damaged, or the victim of theft.  Relative to theft, the entire bicycle, or its parts may be subject to theft.  If a private company solution, the vendor would need to absorb the cost and replace the bicycle, or repair of damage.

If a private company solution, the vendor needs to indemnify the City in the event of injury to a customer or other injured parties.

Relative to the quantity of bicycles, the vendor or the City needs to ensure that the kiosk contains a sufficient quantity of bicycles so that no SunRail rider arrives DeBary only to find there is no bicycle to rent.  The program may fail if SunRail riders arrive only to find there are no bicycles available.  The rider is likely to never return.  This issue may be mitigated by providing a reservation system.

Maintenance of the bicycles needs to occur with some frequency to ensure that the bicycles are in good mechanical condition.  

A means for a refund needs to be implemented in the event a rider rents a bicycle and finds that it is not operational.  Perhaps a 15 or 20 minute window would give the rider time to verify that all components are working.

If a private company solution, the vendor may need to include signage, and dispense a ticket, reflecting that the City has no responsibility for mechanical failure of the bicycle.  The ticket would also reflect that the City has no liability for injuries resulting from use of the bicycle.

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