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Senior Playground
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Senior Playground
From: Rick Dwyer
Meeting Date: Jan. 6, 2016

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Determine the interest in the provision of outdoor recreational facilities to our senior population, and provide a proposal for implementation of such facilities if interest warrants.  Such facilities might include senior designed exercise equipment for those seeking physically demanding activities.  For those seeking more relaxing or less physical demands, the facilities might include checker/chess tables, or green spaces for mediation or yoga as an example.  Other seniors may prefer a garden environment with private space with chairs or swings for reading or conversation. 

The Proposed Discussion
I first need to obtain Council support to assemble a team of volunteers to gather data, and to provide their analysis findings and recommendations to the Council.  If approved, the volunteers would be assembled and a kick-off meeting held to explain the methodology for data collection and reporting of their analysis.  Below is a summary of the data gathering and analysis reporting activities.

  • Publish in the next City newsletter a column describing the project, and include a request that our seniors contact the volunteer team to express their interest in, and desires for such facilities. 
  • Reach out to friends and neighbors to collect the same information.
  • Conduct focus group studies as may be needed by the team.
  • Identify the specific requirements, such as exercise equipment, chess/checker tables, green space, garden areas, etc.  Identify also the number of square feet required to implement the complete solution.
  • Contact the providers of the equipment or other identified items and obtain collateral information regarding the product to include but not limited to warranties and price.  The team shall be cautioned to disclose to the provider that they are seeking information only, and are not committing the City to any purchase.  
  • Identify all City parks and other available space.  The flooded parcels acquired by the City may be suitable.  Other areas might be green spaces owned by the various homeowner associations, or land that developers might make available for parks.  The City Manager can provide the contact information.  Note that any HOA or developer provided space would have to be open to all DeBary residents.
  • With requirements in hand and potential locations identified, use the provided template and enter the details in accordance with the template instructions.
  • Submit the completed document to the City Manager for placement on the agenda for Council discussion.  One member of the team will need to prepare and deliver a presentation to the Council.
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