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Authorized Disposal of Property
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Disposal Of ExMark Mowers
From: Alan Williamson
Meeting/Hearing Date: 16 December 2015

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The City of DeBary Public Works Department is in posession of two 60" ExMark mowers that were purchased in 2008 for the Florida Department of Corrections and Tomoka Correctional Institute contract. The mowers were each purchased at a price of $7,199.99 and have been used for 7 years to maintain retention ponds and right of ways. The mowers have been in the repair shop on numerous occasions, and have become more costly to maintain and repair. The current budget has two (2) Kubota 60" mowers budgeted to replace the ExMark mowers.

With the purchase of the replacement Kubota mowers the ExMark mowers are surplus and in need of disposal. Orange City Equipment has offered the city a credit of $900.00 for both of the mowers, and the credit may be utilized towards new equipment or repair costs on current equipment.
According to 2015 Florida Statutes chapter 274.07 the authority for the disposal of property shall be recorded in the minutes of the governmental unit.

Recommended Motion  
Recommended motion to approve the disposal of Public Works two 60" ExMark mowers for the $900.00 credit from Orange City Equipment.

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