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DeBary Fire Station
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Last Updated: 2015/11/25
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: City of Debary Fire Station Final Site Plan
From: Matt Boerger, Planning
Meeting/Hearing Date:  December 2, 2015

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The City is proposing Final Site Plan application #16-01-FSP-Fire, to construct a 7,962 square foot fire station on US. Hwy 17-92, north of Colomba Road.

Background Discussion
The proposed fire station will be part of the City's civic complex which includes the existing City Hall and a Sheriffs Station. The existing fire station no longer meets the emergency response needs of the City. The current facility was built before Hurricane Andrew and does not meet any type of wind loads by today’s construction standards. With the deteriorating layers, the City would have to vacate the current building during times of a strong weather event such as a hurricane. In addition, there are only two drive-through entrance bays. Currently the City has three vehicles on one side so the fore engine can drive through the bay and this poses a safety concern with the vehicles being parked close together.

Construction of the proposed station will allow for a modern facility that meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Florida Building Code standards as well as provide for adequate emergency services required to serve the citizens of DeBary.

Land Development Code
The proposed final site plan is consistent with the following Land Development Code sections:
        -Chapter 4, Sec 4-61 Final site plan review

Development Review Committee  
On November 13, 2015, The Development Review Committee (DRC) reviewed and approved the proposed final site plan application #16-01-FSP-Fire, City of DeBary Fire Station with the following conditions of approval:
  • Provide a waiver to Sec 5-123(b)(7)(d) - Gateway Corridor Architectural Standards - Garage doors and bays associated with any use within the corridor shall be located perpendicular to the public right-of-way providing primary driveway access.
  • Provide a waiver to Sec 3-102(d)(2) - B-4 General Commercial Dimensional Requirements, allowing for the project to be set back 31.5 feet (35 feet required) from the front property boundary and nine feet (10 feet required) from the side (north) property boundary.
  • Provide a waiver from the Land Development Code Sec 4-88(a)(2) requirement for parallel handicapped parking requirements. The proposed handicapped parking dimensions is consistent with the Florida Department of Transportation design criteria and was therefore determined acceptable due to project site constraints.
Approve Final Site Plan Application # 16-01-FSP-Fire with Development Review Committee Conditions of Approval

City Council Action:
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City of DeBary, FL
16 Colomba Rd, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: (386) 668-2040  Fax: (386) 668-4122