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Shoppes at Pine Meadow
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Last Updated: 2015/11/18
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Last Updated: 2015/10/5
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Final Site and Subdivision Plan for Shoppes at Pine Meadow for retail commercial on approximately 17 acres of land.

Case: #15-04-FSP-Shoppes
From: Matt Boerger, Planning Administrator
Meeting/Hearing Date:  November 18, 2015

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The applicant, DeBary Retail Investments, LLC with authorization from the property owner, Volusia Flagler Family YMCA, is requesting approval of a final site plan for parcel 27-18-30-00-00-0170 for a shopping center with a 41,117 SF retail grocery store, 11,200 SF of retail shops and two out parcels. The subject property is located at the NE corner of US Hwy 17-92 and N. Pine Meadow Drive. The subject property consists of 17.77 acres and is currently undeveloped and heavily wooded.  

Background Discussion
On February 4, 2015, Ordinance #12-14 granting a zoning change for the Swallows PUD (A/K/A Glen Abbey Planned Unit Development) was approved by City Council. The approved PUD and associated Development Agreement permits for the development of a fuel station, 43,000 square foot grocery store anchor, 14,500 square foot specialty retail and two additional out-parcels on the subject site of approximately 17 acres.

The applicant has submitted a final site plan consisting of a shopping center with a 41,117 SF anchor tenant, 11,200 SF of retail shops and two out parcels. The proposed final site plan is consistent with the approved PUD entitlement. Additionally, the applicant intends to subdivide the two out parcels as indicated on the attachment, Sheet C-5 Site Development Plan (SDP).

The final site plan application requires that a traffic impact analysis be submitted. Please see the attached, updated traffic impact analysis, dated October 2, 2015. This report has been updated from the previous reports submitted with the PUD from August and November of 2014. The latest updated signed and sealed report includes a development scenario of the two out-parcels as well and concludes that the traffic facility conditions at the time of project build-out will meet all criteria for concurrency evaluation and is found to be in accordance with the adopted standards and state legislation.

A existing entry feature/sign on Pine Meadow Drive for the Glenn Abby subdivision partially sits on the subject site. According to the Shoppes at Pine Meadow Developer's Agreement associated with the approved PUD, the City has the right in the future to require that a sign easement be granted to an entity such as an existing or future Home Owner's Association. The future easement is for the existing entry feature on Pine Meadow Drive and the Glenn Abby Home Owner(s) association will be responsible for maintenance of the entry feature/sign. However, at this time an HOA entity has not been identified to accept the entry feature easement and maintenance responsibility. Therefore, once an entity is identified, an easement will be conveyed by the applicant.

Land Development Code
The proposed final site plan is consistent with the following Land Development Code sections:
        -Chapter 3, Sec 3-108 PUD Planned Unit Development
        -Chapter 4, Sec 4-61 Final site plan review
        -Chapter 4, Sec 4-63(b) Conformity to recorded plat and zoning regulations
        -Chapter 4, Division 4-Design and Construction Standards of Improvements

Development Review Committee
On November 3, 2015, the Development Review Committed reviewed and approved the proposed final site plan application #15-04-FSP-The Shoppes at Pine Meadows with some conditions of approval that must be addressed prior the the Council Meeting scheduled for November 18, 2015. These minor conditions are currently being addressed and additional construction plan related items for consideration and approval may be forthcoming leading up to the November 18 meeting.

Approve final site and subdivision plan consisting of a shopping center with a 41,117 square foot retail grocery store, 11,200 square foot of retail shops and two out-parcels with the following conditions:
  • Copy of the approved Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) from the St. Johns River Water Management District (Application No. 143194-2, submitted 11/03/15) must be submitted prior to the pre-construction meeting.
  • Winthin 45 days of the City's written request, the applicant shall dedicate a wall/sign easement to an HOA or other appropriate legal entity associated with, and representing the Glenn Abby Subdivision where maintenance responsibilities will be accepted by such HOA entity.

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