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Purchase of Property In TOD
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Subject:  Purchase Vacant Land Parcel in TOD
From:  Roger Van Auker, TOD Marketing Director
Meeting/Hearing Date:  November 4, 2015

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At the 10/21/15 Workshop staff was directed to move forward with the acquisition of certain vacant land parcels that are strategic with our planning efforts to obtain a larger parcel for the creation of a master stormwater facility.

Background Discussion

651 S. US HWY 17-92 was listed for $180,000; we have been successful in negotiating a reduced purchase price of $165,000. This parcel will provide additional access to the master stormwater facility and provide additional 17-92 frontage.  A deposit of $5,000, as earnest money, is required and is fully refundable within our inspection period.

The parcel’s prior use was a residential home and staff does not anticipate any contaminants with Phase I investigations. The contract provides for a 14 -day inspection period and can be canceled within that period for any reason.

Recommended Motion

Approve the contract to purchase the 1.02 acre site for $165,000.

City Council Action:
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