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Social Media Policy
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Last Updated: 2015/10/2
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Approval of Social Media Policy for City Owned and Operated Sites
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The City of DeBary has no policies regarding establishment and use of city owned and operated social media sites.

Background Information

The City has an overriding interest and expectation in protecting the integrity of the information posted on its social media sites and the content that is attributed to the City and its officials. This Policy ensures use of appropriate discretion so as not to discredit the City or violate policies and procedures related to standards of conduct, computer usage, ethics, or any other applicable City policies or procedures. All City employees must be aware of the negative impact that inappropriate postings can have upon the City and the City’s relationship with the residents and others in the community.

 Recommended Motion  

Adopt the City of DeBary Social Media Policy

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