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FPL/Nature Park Power Line
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Last Updated: 2015/9/11
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: FPL Transmission Line Realignment
From:  Alan Williamson, Public Works
Meeting/Hearing Date: 16 Sept. 2015

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City staff have been involved in meetings and discussions involving the realignment of a Florida Power and Light transmission line through the City of DeBary Nature Park. The land is co-owned by Volusia County and both county staff and city staff have been working closely with FPL. The transmission line is approximately 8 miles in length, beginning at the power plant and transversing across an FPL right-of-way through Nature Park before crossing the St. Johns River into Seminole County.

Background Discussion
The proposed transmission route realignment will result in approximately .25 mile shorter line length within Nature Park, and will result in a proposed release of 7.25 acres of existing transmission line easement property. Prior to commencement of engineering on the project an undocumented Bald Eagles nest was discovered approximately 60 feet from the existing line. The realignment of the transmission line will place the line beyond 660 feet from the nest.

As part of the transmission line route realignment FPL is proposing to acquire 1.47 acres of new easement from the City of DeBary and Volusia County to cross the St Johns River.  FPL is also proposing to acquire .52 acres of new easement from the City adjoining the existing transmission line easement to accommodate the realignment.

Recommended Motion  
To approve new alignment and approve proposed easement acquisition with FPL within the City of DeBary Nature Park and Barwick property.

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