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Small Scale SW Post Design Serv
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Last Updated: 2015/8/26
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Small Scale Stormwater Projects Post Design Services
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  September 3, 2015

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The Council has approved the  small scale stormwater construction project Bid Package #2. The City is now in need of Post-Design Engineering Services.

Background Information

The following projects were approved by the Council:

  • 44 Seminole Drive Drainage Improvements
  • 54 and 58 Shell Road Drainage Improvements
  • Barwick Maintenance Facility – Phase 1 Site Improvements
  • 250 Adelaide Street Drainage Improvements
  • Rob Sullivan Park Drainage Improvements
  • 294 DeLeon Road Drainage Improvements
  • Lower Lake Outfall Improvements
Pegasus Engineering would perform the following activities under the Task Order:

  • Prepare for and attend the pre-construction meeting.
  • Prepare and submit the Notice of Commencement (NOC) forms to the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) for the permitted projects 48 hours prior to construction.
  • Review and process shop drawings.
  • Address RFIs (Requests for Information) during construction.
  • Prepare for and attend six (6) progress meetings with the City’s Construction Manager and the contractor (Ovation / All Terrain Tractor Service).
  • Prepare for and participate in the substantial completion inspections and provide "punchlist" items to Kevin Hare to submit to the contractor.
  • Prepare for and participate in the final inspections to confirm that the "punchlist" items have been adequately addressed.
  • Review the signed and sealed asbuilt drawings provided by the contractor's surveyor and issue review comments.
  • Prepare and submit the asbuilt certifications to the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) for the permitted projects upon completion of construction.
Pegasus would perform the activities at a cost of $25,000.

Recommended Motion  

Approve Task Order # 2015-02 with Pegasus Engineering for Post Design Engineering Services in the amount of $25,000.

City Council Action:
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